Moved Blogs!

It’s hard for me to believe but I have been blogging now for about 10 years.  Blogspot, tumblr, wordpress and now finally, self-hosted!  You can now view my new blog home over at!

Mel Promo-01

From living in London at Uni, getting married, moving back to London, having Levi and now owning our own home back where it all began in Northern Ireland, it’s so lovely to look back at what feels to me like a journal of where life has taken me and now, us.

It’s been a long time coming to give the look of where I do my writing a bit of a spruce up.  I enlisted the help of some wonderful designers and friends to take things up a notch and do the fancy stuff that I am too impatient to learn to do myself.  The wonderful Ben from Angel & Anchor designed the graphics for me and Ally of Supersimbo made it all come alive on screen in the back end of site design.  I’m so grateful to these guys and would urge you to check out their other work.

Going self-hosted now means that I can do much more  – it feels like a fresh start and a good opportunity to hone in on the particular things that I have found myself writing more and more about as I’ve grown.  The majority of my posts will fall into one of the four categories you see at the top of the new site – I feel like these four things really sum up the stuff that drives me forward as a person.  To see what I’ve written before on these themes, just click in to go through the archives.  As you can see there’s also other social media links on the right and a little section about me you can click into as well.

What do you think of the new look?  I’d love to hear – but don’t forget to comment on the new site – not here!

If you follow along on bloglovin, make sure to update that too! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I really appreciate all of you who take time to read what I put out there.  It’s a funny old world, this blogging stuff.  Some might call it narcissistic but for me it’s been therapy; a way to hammer out on the computer the things I can’t always express, or to start a dialogue with people I wouldn’t have a chance to sit down and have a coffee with.  I’m also always up for collaborating and joining in with the other wonderful bloggers I’ve gotten to know online – don’t be shy – get in touch!  Blogging has given me a voice, new friends and an outlet for creativity.  I hope you continue to read and engage.

Big love,

Mel x


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