Who ARE you Mel?



My name is Mel and I’m really bad at describing my blog…but if you stick around you’ll probably find out about my stumble through family life and mammahood, my penchant for thriftiness and second-hand tat and that I love a good rant about important global issues.

The links on the top are where you can find me in other places – pinterest (a.k.a. all consuming addiction) and twitter.

Do make sure and say hello!


6 thoughts on “Who ARE you Mel?

  1. Hi Mel,

    My name’s Clare and I’m part of the DotComGiftShop team. I recently discovered your excellent blog, Mel Wiggins, and wanted to let you know we’ve included it in our post ‘Brilliant blogs for ladies, by ladies’. You can see the post here:


    I hope you don’t mind being part of this article. If you do, let us know and we’ll remove your site immediately.

    We also wanted to invite you to become part of the DotComGiftShop Blog Network. This is an informal network of friendly bloggers that we publicly endorse and offer a number of benefits including:

    •25% off discount code to use at DotComGiftShop.
    •Regular complimentary products to review and give away in competitions.
    •Entry to our exclusive bloggers’ competition, with the winner receiving an iPad.
    •Invitations to guest blog on the DotComGiftShop blog.

    We’ll also provide a badge for your site, saying ‘DotComGiftShop Fave Blog’.

    Being informal, you aren’t obliged to do anything. Although it would be great if you could:
    •Give us a mention on your blog’s home page.
    •Review some of our lovely products that we’ll send you from time to time, to tell us and your readers what you think.

    If you are interested in becoming one of the members of our network, let us know with a quick reply to this email.

    All the best,



  2. Just found your blog and really like it 🙂 was reading the post about moral fibres – such a good blog too!!

    • Hello! Thanks Emma, Wendy is a great gal – it was fun to collaborate. Will be checking out your blog! Love the title already! X

  3. Hi – my name is Jeff Wiebe, and I’m a PhD student at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada (I’ve also sent you a tweet – please forgive the barrage but I’m unsure how to best contact you). I’m researching online consumer movements, and would like your permission to use your blog in my research. When you have a moment, please contact me at jeff.wiebe@queensu.ca (or message me on Twitter) and I can provide more information about my project. Thank you very much for your time.

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