Christmas Wrap With Kids

I don’t know about you but I’m generally a bit of a scrooge when it comes to elaborate gift wrapping.  Hours spent on decorations and bunting and garlands and spray painting pine cones that will be used every year – YES.  Hours spent on wrapping a present that will end up being ripped apart and […]

Parenting: On Saying ‘No’

The other day at breakfast Levi asked me for a straw. “Sure – here’s a straw.” “I WANT TWO STRAWS, MUMMY!” He exclaimed. “No, Levi.” Just like that.  No.  Conversation shut down. Then the proverbial s&*^t hit the fan.  He really got himself in a state.  “I DO WANT TWO STRAWS.  MUMMY, I DO. I […]

Exhaustion & Gratitude

I haven’t had much motivation for blogging recently.  I’m really tired. It’s like that round here – priorities are well…being prioritised.  For now it’s work and family.  Sometimes those two are balanced badly, but I’m getting there.  Aren’t we all.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to jot down some reflections over this busy time to […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Driving to work two years ago I said to Dave, “I don’t know if we’ll ever live in Portadown again…” We had a quick chat about that probably being true and went about our day. Portadown has always been ‘home’ for us.  Maybe more Dave than me, what with all my moving around to Canada, […]

On Your First Day of School

Dear Levi, Today you started School with your first day at Nursery. I remember this time last year thinking about how it would be your turn in a year and how that year has flown. You’re a sensitive wee boy, so I wasn’t surprised that last nights bedtime was challenging and that you ended up […]

Sayonara Summer!

Well hello again!  September has arrived with a cooler temp (sod off rain), shorter evenings and a whole heap of back to school pics on instagram! It’s crazy to think that the summer is over… In fact, as an adult, I’m finding that summer is less and less a ‘thing’ these years.  Seasons and months […]

Summer Round Here

The three of us are setting off tomorrow for 4 days of rest and family time in Donegal.  We’re going to be staying at what looks to be a really awesome little eco-cottage we booked through Under The Thatch (you should definitely check it out for really one-of-a-kind places to stay in the UK & Europe).  We’ve […]