Anti-Slavery Day – Remembering Radu.

It’s easy to detach ourselves from reality when it comes to big global issues – AIDS, poverty, human trafficking.  Statistics, even stories can blur into the ether of our moral conscience; shocking us, moving us, but often only for a moment.  The moment lasts until the next wave of numbers, information hits our brain.  We […]

Co Couture & Chocolate Ethics

Hellllllo Weekenders! One bit of exciting news to hit the Wiggy house in the last couple of weeks is that my good fella has bagged a really great new job! *applause* He’s going to be working for the wonderful charity Sustrans as an Active Travel Officer, helping Schools and families implement more active, sustainable travel […]

Fresh Finds Friday

Happy Friday to you and yours! I’m back with some favourites from the internet in this weeks… It’s been a while since I’ve posted some links that have inspired or challenged me…so here’s a bit of a mixed bag for you to peruse this beautiful day! –  Lego recently announced that they are to come out […]

WYW Midway

The journey continues on the… We’re over halfway through lent now and the novelty has worn off just a bit. I am finding myself bored with my clothes quite a lot.  I’m also not just averse to clothes shopping, but going into shops at all – what’s the point?…. HAVE I FORGOTTEN HOW TO SHOP???? […]

WYW // Week 2 – Good Reports!

Well, we’re a couple of weeks down in the #wearyourwardrobe challenge.  Phew. I have to admit, this is making me really acutely aware of how very much I love clothes.  I love them a lot.  A LOT.  I’ve had pangs of desire and definitely stood in front of my wardrobe this week and thought ‘IAMBOREDANDIHAVENOTHINGTOWEAR’ […]