Levi is three today.  Three years old.  Toddler traits are slipping away so fast.  We are now a nappy, cot, stairgate-free house – we have a boy now.

A boy.

A wonderful, life-loving, rascally little boy.

We had a little gathering on Saturday for friends and family – it was low-key in preparation (streamers, giant balloons, donuts, cake from the bakery & a BBQ), but our home was full of buzz – just the way I like it.





The birthday boy armed with his new fireman’s hose to welcome his guests into the garden.



It might not look like much but Kosy Cake from the Kosy Bakery in Lurgan is hands down the best birthday cake in the world.


Mum & Dad even managed to join the party in Canada c/o FaceTime.


Charlotte must have missed the stripy top memo;)



Goodness me, I love being this guys mama.  Thank you everyone for your texts, videos & messages for Levi today – he’s been loving them –  he’s also been loving that we’ve been having donuts for breakfast since Saturday.


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