Vintage Tees & EE!

I have two lovely new fashiony things to tell you about.

1)  My super stylin’ friend Maria has just set up a little online vintage shop (New Creation Vintage) selling THE most gorgeous trendy pieces.  Maria has an amazing eye for really good quality, stylish clothes.  She’s also my cousin-in-law, my hairdresser and just had a baby about a day ago (not really, but it has only been a matter of weeks – she’s amazing)  I spied these vintage tee shirts on the New Creation Vintage Facebook page the other day and practically sprinted over to her house for a nosey (and to bagsy them)!  You have to move fast folks, this ain’t no topshop – these are one of a kind so when it’s gone – it really is gone.  Prices are great too – winner.

*DISCLAIMER:  I could never be a proper fashion blogger – totes awkward…see below.*




I shall wear this tee with pride.  I’m thirtysomething.  Come at me.



Hey! Look who needs to dye her hair!  Seriously though, the quality and softness of vintage tees are the best.  The graphics on this one also make me happy.


I love an old tee.  Nothing more comfy or less intimidating to wear.  I also love thinking about where they have been…did this one come straight out of the Yellowstone National Park Gift Shop?  Who bought it?  What did they see?  Did they wear it as jammies a few years later and then give it in to a thrift shop?  HOW DID IT GET TO LITTLE OLD ME?! You don’t get that kind of wonder with new rags.

SECONDLY, the beautiful ladies over at Eclectic Eccentricity kindly sent me over this gorgeous necklace from one of their collections.  It’s the Wayfarer Gemstone Triangle necklace and I’ve been wearing it non-stop.



EE has the best range of quirky jewellery all made by a small team at their HQ in Norwich.  I love independent shops that put their personality and edge into things and EE do just that.  Full on whimsy.

I have partnered with them in the past to do a giveaway with readers of my blog, and will be doing that again soon – so stay tuned.  In the meantime, go look at their gorgeous stuff – I’m loving lots of bits (see below) from the new Cosmos collection.  

Image  Image




4 thoughts on “Vintage Tees & EE!

  1. I love EE jewellery, it’s so great to have something different from what the high street offers. I also have to thank them for RT’ing some great new (to me) bloggers! 🙂

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