People Against Dirty

Me oh my.  I do hate cleaning, but I sure do love a clean house.  I’ve gurned about it here before (I love a good gurn about cleaning).

A few years ago we aimed to rid our home of toxic chemicals in our cleaning products (soapnuts were good for a time, but they didn’t cut the mustard with toddler stains), beauty products (my recipe for facial oil & handsoap), baby products (my all natural homemade baby wash!) and food.  It’s an ongoing process with lots of experimenting with natural homemade recipes.  I admit to having struggled to give up bleach for disenfecting the kitchen sink, steeping the dishcloths & around the toilet but friends, you cannot have it all.

I remember a few years ago stumbling across Method products when I was in the US and loved how they combined eco-friendly packaging, non-toxic recipes and products that worked well and smelled great.  I had forgotten all about them until recently when my friend Becca posted about using them on her blog Hugo & Ru.

It turns out that Method and Ecover have now merged to make the worlds largest green cleaning company, with Method now being stocked by Ecover in the UK.  Their tag-line is ‘People Against Dirty’ and the little spiels on the back on their product packaging is quirky, youthful & fun.  I appreciate quirky in my products, don’t you?

I tend not to be down the cleaning product aisles in the supermarket these days, but I’ve been looking out for Method more and it seems to be quite readily available here in NI.  I’ve found small amounts of their stuff in my local Tesco & Sainsbury’s and also made an order for things I couldn’t find via Big Green Smile. (click these links if you are an online shopper or get your groceries delivered!)



Here’s my stash.  You’d think my house wouldn’t be covered in crumbs and crusted up Weetabix wouldn’t you? (seriously, the Weetabix is ridiculous.  Run out of glue for your latest project?  Want to fix a picture to the wall and can’t find your hammer & nails? Use some Weetabix.  That stuff sticks hard.)

Let me introduce you to my new Method friends:


Bathroom Cleaner:  Smells fab, works well.


Daily Kitchen Spray:  I’m addicted to using this.  It smells amazing (orangey-clementiney goodness), works so well and the bottle is humongous so lasts ages.  Spray-a-holic.



Washing Up Liquid:  Again, the smell.  The smells are important to me.  I like to smell my accomplishments.  In your face Fairy, this stuff is all up in your cleaning grill (oh Lord, that reminds me: who else hates cleaning the grill?!).  Anyway, a little goes a long way.



Handwash:  Yes, I know I have recipes for making my own but sometimes time is precious and this stuff is lush.  This is one of the products I haven’t been able to find in-store locally so I might have to keep ordering it online.


Laundry Liquid:  Yes.  Yes it does smell like fresh air.  I have tried countless recipes & eco alternatives for washing our clothes but none have really worked as well as I would have liked or smelled as nice as this.  I am a convert and will not be turning back.


Flushable Wipes:  Because, YOU KNOW.  Levi has taken to insisting on going to the toilet all by himself these days.  He needs some aim practice, and I am grateful for this product.


And finally – Daily Shower Spray:  I reckon this is a non-necessity but I wanted to give it a go and it is definitely keeping residue at bay in our ancient, grime-prone shower.  It also, as a reoccurring theme may suggest, smells delicious.

There’s your lot.  I am proud and sad in equal measures that I am of the age where blogs about cleaning products are relevant for me to write.

This is most definitely not a sponsored post. I am just THAT into it.


One thought on “People Against Dirty

  1. Oh I love Method too! I used to (possibly still am) be in their People Against Dirty group and occasionally got freebies to review. Big Green Smile often have their stuff on offer, we just stocked up on the laundry refill. And yes, Weetabix, good cement substitute.

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