The Simplest Things

What a difference a week makes.

The beginning of this week was rotten.  Sickness, tiredness and all the fun that comes with those two things (irritability, sensitivity, lack of energy & patience) were rife but as the week progressed, so did healing and the return of sleep and with that a little more perspective and grace.

There have been inklings of Spring in the last week or so, and not ones to sit and bask in our own germs (not now we have an almost three year old), we opted to head for the outdoors and spend as much of St. Patricks Weekend (hey, we’re Irish, we can have more than just the day) getting air round our lungs.




Oxford Island is one of our areas most stunning attractions.  A nature reserve with playparks, a marina, waterside museum and a bushcraft sustainability project.  It also hosted the wonderful Goodlife Festival last year (that I blogged about here).  We roamed it for a good few hours; exploring the woods, picking our own walking sticks, watching for birds, climbing, running, seeing the wind surfers take off, balancing on fallen tree trunks.

My shy little guy is getting so much more confident.  He climbs everything, makes friends with other kids more easily and just loves running wild and free.  His big cousins are great company for him, showing him the ropes and bossing each other about!





The simplest things are the best, amiright?


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