Wear Your Wardrobe // Week 1

I’ll tell you what – no sooner do you proclaim your intentions to not buy any clothes for lent than this happens:

*  you get invited to a pretty amazing swap shop event for IWD (even though this wouldn’t be technically buying anything, I still want to try and just make do with what I have for this period)

*  you end up manning an info stand for work right outside a very well put together charity shop with all kinds of vintage jumpers on display

*  usually an avid interiors pinner, most of your pinterest time is taken up with outfit/clothes pins as you pine for all the cool clothes (pin language! – so odd in written form)

*  all you can see in your inbox, facebook etc is advertisements for all of the amazing online clothing sales

*  everybody in the world is instagramming and blogging about their new clothes.  WAHHH.

Regardless of these temptations, I am encouraged by the responses I’ve had from friends and the online community.  I have 6 other pals joining me (including my mum!) and I am lining up some really great interviews, actions for activism and tips for all you ethical fashionistas out there.  I did have a couple of my guy friends question whether “wearing your own clothes for lent” was really a big sacrifice.  First of all, I reminded them about Movember.  Second of all, the challenge is only secondarily about not buying clothes.  It’s primarily about understanding the garment industry more, refining our consumer knowlege, getting out of the mindset of having to have stuff, and telling the story of the Sumangili Scheme.  SO THERE.

I’m also happy to report that since I publicly declared I was going to wear what was already in my wardrobe, I have been actually digging out stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in months.  I don’t know if it was the idea of actually documenting my intentions, but a switch has been flicked and I’m already seeing the clothes I have in a different light.

What’s been SUPER fun (not) is that I decided to detox my hair last week (no shampoo, just natural cleansers), so I’ve been getting reaquainted with my drawer full of headscarves and carefully angling the light in these outfit selfies.  I’ve also realised that there isn’t a day goes by that my outfits don’t involve wearing something second-hand.



I promise not to do a zillion selfies over lent, I just wanted to be accountable for the 1st 5 days of wearing my wardrobe!  If you want to join in, PLEASE DO!  We’re using the #wearyourwardrobe hashtag for all the social media thingys.  So get researching, working that closet full of threads, tweeting and making people aware of the importance of knowing where our stuff comes from.  For somewhere to start, and to fuel your interest check out my posts here, here & here.

I’ll be back later in the week with some more ways to get involved & learn!


6 thoughts on “Wear Your Wardrobe // Week 1

  1. You can include as many selfies as you like, I love your style! Lots of luck with Wearing Your Wardrobe. I would have liked to join in but I think I might have already failed by accepting a couple of bloggy freebies recently :-/ However I will follow your progress keenly. May I lend support by reminding you of that curious concept known as ‘Shopping your wardrobe’ too. Basically, you’re sure to find (a version of) what you desperately want to buy, already lurking in your closet if you look for it. 🙂

    • You treasure. Thanks Kat! I love that concept of shopping your wardrobe – thanks for reminding me about that – been thinking about it all week and it’s SO true! x

  2. Forget shopping, I open my own drawers every day and *wish* I could ‘shop’ my own clothes instead of wearing the same breastfeeding friendly capsule I’ve been recycling for four months. When I eventually stop breastfeeding it’s going to feel like I’ve gone on a huge shopping spree just because I can finally wear my nice stuff again!

    • I was just talking to my breastfeeding pal about this just tonight. I remember that frustrating period so well. Dresses! T-shirts without grey-white vest tops underneath! AND A NICE BRA! I hear ya sister.

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