SO LONG January.  I am WELL glad to see the back of you.

What is it that makes January such a gloomy self-fulfilling prophesy of long, miserable boredom?  All the sunny, swimmy instagrams from my friends in the Southern Hemisphere aren’t helping either.

I’m so over the cabin-fever lockdown, the eating my feelings and the melatonin withdrawals.  The best thing about this month has been booking a visit to my brother’s in Cardiff for February and a family holiday to visit Stella in Italy in April.  Oh the promise of Spring – I’m clinging on by a thread.

In the spirit of trying to beat the season, I have been trying to make our bedroom a bright and airy space to relax in – I need me some yin with this winters yang.  We spend a lot of time in our bedroom as a family…reading stories, not sleeping, making tents (basically just getting under the duvet, yeah?), getting ready, jumping on the bed, watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig at ‘too early o’clock’

(N.B. if you are a parent of a toddler and have not yet googled ‘Peppa Pig Compilation Youtube’ then I don’t even know how we could be friends)


(Check out the super chic black out lining that is 1 inch too long for the curtains.  I am THAT lazy)


The blanket & suitcase are charity shop finds.  Levi likes to hide things in the suitcase.  Mainly really important stuff like my make up, pants, hairbrushes – those kind of essentials.  I’m learning to look there first when something goes missing.


We finally settled on some art for above our bed and I couldn’t adore these Clare Nicolson prints more.  Check out Clare’s other lovely stuff here.



We have a giant built-in, fully mirrored (yikes) wardrobe along one wall of our bedroom so we really only needed some bedsides and a chest of drawers to fill out the space.  They are from IKEA although I changed the knobs on the bedsides – I got mine on clearance in a local shop but these are the same.  There’s not much I love more than some gold poka dots these days.  My bedside lamp & trinkets are all charity shop finds (with new lampshade).  Dave’s lamp is from B&Q!


The print hanging up is a Tigerlilly Quinn illustration.


I have this issue where I buy fabric, am afraid to use it so I just have a bunch of pretty fabric sitting around unfulfilled in its life purpose.  I decided the big girl thing to do would be to put some in a vintage embroidery hoop so I could at least see it every day.  Baby steps, folks.  This fabric is from The Eternal Maker (easily one of my fav online fabric suppliers).

I’m so glad to have white walls and blasts of colour in this space during Winter. Does your inside space effect your mood like it does mine?  Am I going crazy?

Can we all agree that February is basically Spring?


5 thoughts on “TGI FEBRUARY

  1. I have just painted my nails in pastels: February IS basically spring. Totally with you on how our spaces affect us…I need a tidy room to have a tidy mind, and I think fairy lights make me sparklier as a human being in general (maybe that’s too far). Yours looks very calming!

  2. Gold polkadots… My favourite too right now. Im doing a bathroom do up sand there ARE gold spots involved, Mel.

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  3. It made me happy to see your nightstands match – try as I might, I cannot get over my love of symmetry. After living in our house over a year, we FINALLY did our bedroom in December (blue & white, YESSSSS). When I had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, I actually thought to myself “well….I don’t mind being in bed in HERE all day!” That’s the sign of a room you love.

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