Post-Christmas Blues

Ah, it’s 12:30pm and I’m still in my jammies and dressing gown.  The last day of this kind of bliss (until Thursday and Friday – I do this most Thursdays and Fridays).  We’ve not been up to much except de-Christmasifying the house and avoiding cooking/cleaning.  

I have been battling a sinus cold for a couple of weeks and this morning it must have hit its peak because I feel like someone pushed me in front of a bus.  I even took 2 decongestants that have caffeine in them and managed to roll back over to sleep for another 2 hours.  Woe is/are my sinus passages.  My dad was making me his special concoctions of natural remedies and it helped but I think I got too cocky with it and now I’m back to square one.

My folks left really early on New Years Day to go back to Canada.  You would think saying goodbye for the forty millionth time would make it slightly easier but it doesn’t.  I moped about most of New Years Day with Levi giving me thumbs up to help me feel better.



My dad is quite the story teller and has quite the repertoire.  We make fun of him because he usually laughs the loudest at his own jokes (usually before he even gets the punchline out). I think it’s a dad thing.


Napping parents are almost as cute as napping babies.  They usually wake up less grumpy.


All the tears:(  Come baaaaack!Image


Before mum and dad left we took Levi to the cinema for the first time.  We went to see Frozen and it was brilliant – have any of you seen it yet?  Levi watched it (for the most part), did big gasps when new characters came on the screen, asked a lot of questions (loudly) and couldn’t believe his luck when I produced some Percy Pigs.  My parents miss so many things being so far away so it was really nice to do a ‘first’ something with them involved.

After New Years Day, we busted out our wellies and blew the cobwebs off with a family walk at Oxford Island and I remembered how good it is to just get out into the green and explore.  More of that this year, please.






 And finally, holidays MUST be over because I’ve nailed the last of the chocolate covered twizzlers.  Saddest of times.  SEND MORE TWIZZLERS, CANADIAN FRIENDS!


And it’s back to work tomorrow. Underneath this hit-by-a-bus feeling I know I’m excited to get going.



3 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Blues

  1. Ever since finding your blog and reading your parents were from Canada, I can’t help but keep coming back to read up on your happenings 😀 You had me at DIY Clay Ornamenst post with the first recipe that actually worked! Lol. We’v got a cold going around here too, plus a lot of snow! Did you guys get the snow badly where you are? I watched this mornings weather news for the US and it said 52% if the entire US is covered in record breaking snow! We are full of windchill warnings here -40 + for tonight and tomorrow morning plus more snow!!! Anyway, I was wondering you really do NOT have Twizzlers out there? At our nearest grocery store they are consistently on sale all different types! Regular, Strawberries n Creme are my new fav. The kids also like the multi-colored and chewy filled middles types as well. If you really want a bag of Twizzlers, we’d be happy to send you guys down a box 😀 !! Consider it my thanks for the wicked recipe, a piece of comfort for missing parents, and colorful yummy fun for you and the youngster! Stop by my blog and leave me a message directly through my contact page 😀 CHEERS and happy New Year again!!

  2. Ah, Mel. Why did we marry these foreign men?!
    Jokes, obvs. I wouldn’t change it for the world but I wish the world was smaller.

    Love to you and hope this week has been good.

    You’ve had a fantastic year on your blog, well done, my lovely friend. X

    • Ugh… Distance sucks. Hope you guys are getting settled in ok. Looking forward to seeing the bus! X

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