Pre-loved Home

I don’t know about you but all this sunshine has me feeling really productive and on-the-ball.  And by productive, I mean I’ve started rearranging pictures in my hallway and have made a quarter of a crocheted quilt.  It’s all relative.

Anyway, our kitchen/dining area has been my little sanctuary this last couple of days.  When Levi is snuggled up and snoring and Dave is out doing his youthwork thing, I head down to the kitchen and love nothing more than sitting in our big green arm-chair.  

As I look around this space, it’s satisfying to know that we’ve scored some really great second-hand bits to complete this room. I haven’t always been such a keen advocate for second-hand and I own lots of things that we’ve bought new. It takes patience and a keen eye to find the things you like and need second-hand but I really think it’s worth it.  Giving a new home to forgotten or unwanted bits makes me happy, not to mention relieved that I’ve saved a few bob and my house doesn’t look like a cookie cutter catalogue.  Here’s a few of my most favourite recent pre-loved bits:





Note:  It looks like the idiot previous owner tried to cover up the lovely worn bits on the arms with GREEN MARKER.   WHHHHYYY?

We got this thing at an auction for a good deal a few weeks ago and it’s so freaking big it seriously looks like it might swallow Levi up when he sits in it.  It’s deep and worn in though, so I love it for reading and blogging surfing pinterest.


Next up – the retro larder.  After a good year of stalking auctions, second-hand shops and online for something like this to become available, this little beauty popped up on gumtree.  It took me several painful days of negotiations and promises of selling other stuff to make room for it but I finally convinced Dave it belonged with us and did the deal with a lovely older gent about an hour from us.  It turns out the unit was made in the 1950’s at Alwood Kitchens in Lurgan (about 10 minutes from us) and is in such good nick.  It’s really cool to have a piece with some local history to it and it fits perfectly in our little dining space.  







Aside from those two big bits, I’ve also picked up some vintage enamel from a local junk shop.  This place is the funniest little Aladdin’s cave of a shop.  It’s tucked away down a side street and sells just about anything you could imagine – vintage signs, sideboards, batteries, brillo pads (?) – but there’s always something hidden amongst the 50% junk that I fall in love with.  I popped in today to source something for Dave’s birthday and left with these two minty treasures for a total of £10 for the both.


The milk pan on the right is from the 40’s (so I’m told my the owner of said shop).


And this beauty.  Sure it’s a set of scales without a tray or any weights (rendering it entirely useless in a practical sense) but it’s pretty and SURELY I’ll come across some of the missing bits in time?!  

Next on my list of ‘waiting for it to come along second-hand instead of buying it new’ is an outdoor patio set although let’s be honest, by the time it comes around it’ll be July and I’ll be back in my woolies with a faint memory of this glorious shiny week of sun.

Never the less, nowadays second-hand just makes sense to me:  money-saving, full of character and raging against the machine by recycling instead of buying new.  


11 thoughts on “Pre-loved Home

  1. YES> This looks like my place in Chatham. I CAN’T resist a Value Village trip although I’m finding some excellent items here in Guernsey where the London charity shop mentality is non existent.

    • Thank heavens for fairly priced second hand goods!! I can’t wait to bring a big ass empty suitcase to visit you in Geurnsey and fill it with Anglo-French goodies!

    • Very! Although I bought some wool that’s too thin so I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of days. I hope I haven’t forgotten what the heck I’m doing!

  2. Love reading through you’re blog – these pictures are awesome.. I need to visit when I’m home.

    • It’s a wee random one down the side of Hanover street right beside the bridge as if you’re heading down the armagh road. Fairgreen car park is on the right and it’s on the left. There’s always bits and bobs outside the wee side door. An Aladins cave of junk and a very eccentric shop assistant!

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