DIY Crepe Paper Cards

I kind of resent buying cards sometimes and usually have everything handy to make my own – which is just a little more personal.

In that spirit, here’s a little DIY I tried out yesterday:



– Card

– Crepe Paper (torn into 4 inch strips)

– Sewing Machine

– Washi Tape

– Fine Black Pen

Place your torn strips of crepe paper staggered on top of each other along one side of the card and sew down the middle.

card 1

card 3

Snip your threads and then trim the edges of the crepe paper to whatever way you want it to look. Zig-zag, scalloped, straight – whatever you fancy.

card 4

Mine is clearly a confused mixture of all three of the aforementioned options.

card 5

I then added a small strip of washi tape as the main bit of a candle (idea from this post I saw on pinterest)

card 6

Add in a little flame and a greeting and you’re done!


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