Levi’s Hangout

When we moved into our new rental there was very little to do to ‘Wiggify’ it (much like the Parisian ‘Wiggy Special’ I coined in my last post, I’m pretty sure this is going to catch on soon).  The landlords have great taste – white painted stairs, neutral colours, fisherman light fixtures – lovely! 

The one room that needed some TLC was Levi’s room.  When I tell you that it was SPONGE PAINTED I hope that you struggle with this as much as I did.  If that wasn’t bad enough – every single piece of wood (including picture rails, the back of the door, window frames, PLUG OUTLETS and skirting boards) ALL PAINTED SILVER. 


I might add that our house has stacks of character and it just felt crazy to do this to such fine features.  Yeesh.  Clearly that called for a bit of a sprucing (and a qualified painter and decorator) so we had it painted.


We went for a light grey and finished the woodwork in white.  This light grey is also in our kitchen and living room because I clearly have decision making anxiety. 

We haven’t gone nuts making it some sort of matchy-matchy showroom but Levi ADORES his space and you should see the look of pride he has when we show people around the house and he waltzes in to his pad to show them.  I imagine him thinking ‘Here it is guys, the room of all rooms!’


My lovely friend Jill made the storybook bunting and the ‘Jesus Loves Me’ print was courtesy of the very talented Supersimbo.  The tennis racket is from the charity shop and I’m collecting crates (this one is a flower planter from an auction for a quid) to store his books in. Every night he sprints into his room to pick a few stories and we snuggle up on our bed and read them.  Best time of the day.


His cot was from Babies R Us (reviews on second hand crib buying made me nervous) and the fabric on his bed is from Eternal Maker fabric shop (which is my new favourite website to have an insanely full shopping basket of stuff in and go back and look at it a thousand times before actually buying anything.  Sound familiar?)


My friend Laura made Levi this growth chart (including little kraft tags and safety pins to mark heights on) when he was in my belly and gave it to me at my London baby shower.  SUCH a cute idea for a homemade pressie, eh?  Over the bed is Bruce the Moose.  Or is that Broose the Moose?  I dunno.  We bought him at a hillbilly shop when we were in Tennessee in the summer and Levi says ‘NiNight Booce’ to him every night.ImageImage

On the window I hung some sailor/nautical fabric I found at a thrift store in Chatham when we were in Canada in the summer.  And when I say hung, I mean it’s held up with two safety pins.  Some ‘blackout blinds’ are also on the window (I use quotation marks because I have a theory that black out blinds are a farce) and in keeping with the nautical vibe I hung up the romper I got from Little Vintage.  MAN, it pains me that he will be too big for it this summer!


This is my favourite part of his room, though.  It’s cheery and fun and full of trinkets.  I’m collecting globes for him, you know – to educate and not at all because they look cool (although he currently sways between calling them footballs and pointing to them and saying ‘Nana’ because I showed him where my parents live in Canada on them a while back – cute).  They have all been scooped from charity shops.

The artwork is pretty awesome too, don’t you think?  The big Lion print is from Archies Boutique and I WON IT LAST WEEK!  I entered a little giveaway on Fritha’s blog and came up trumps! The owl & pussycat illustration is an original that my awesomely talented illustrator/textile artist/teacher friend Rachael gave us when he was born.  It’s really beautiful. 


Other bits and bobs have been collected from charity shops and given as gifts.  I love that his room has a mix of old, new and handmade – it feels full of life.

And there ends your whistle-stop tour!



4 thoughts on “Levi’s Hangout

  1. I love his room – the top of the dresser is my favourite part too. The globes are ace, and I love the lion print! Lucky little man 🙂 (also, silver – really? What is WRONG with people?!) x

    • Haha I feel like this regularly when I surf blogs/Pinterest! Dangerous eh?! So much of his stuff was collected over the last 2 years so it’s taken a while to get it all together. Pretty happy with the levels of cuteness though!

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