Vive La France!


That’s just the noise of me hitting the ground of reality after a few blissful days in Paris.

I guilt-tripped convinced Dave to get away for a couple of days over Easter, just the two of us. Both of us were feeling a little anxious about leaving Levi but we were assured he’d have a ball gallivanting with grandparents, aunties and cousins (he did).

After much perusing of blogs (specifically, Oh Happy Day) and a long love/hate affair with tripadvisor (all it takes is ONE bad review with me, people) we settled on a nice little hotel in the Latin Quarter. It was a thrill to go through security at the airports without having to dismantle a buggy and we both relished in being able to read as much as we wanted of our books in one sitting.

The RER B train from Charles De Gaulle took us straight to Saint Michel Notre Dame and the hotel was right in front of us when we popped up out of the station – RESULT.

Cluny Square Hotel was everything we needed. Clean, comfortable and convenient. The rooms are small (as all are in Paris) but it has recently been given a spruce up so the interiors were really tasteful (a LOT of Parisian hotels are pretty gaudy – or so it seems from tripadvisor).

I’m not going to go through a play by play of our 3 days but it’s safe to say we slept A LOT, walked A LOT and ate A REALLY LOT.

Here are the highlights:


The Latin Quarter is really buzzing. We had every kind of food, bar, patisserie and tacky tourist shops at our doorstep. We ended up coming back to the hotel at tea time most days to have a catnap and then headed out for dinner in the area around 8/9pm.



Sweet mercy – the carbs. We found a great boulangerie/patisserie on the first day and like creatures of habits we hit it up every morning for what we hoped they’d coin ‘The Wiggy Special’ (they didn’t). 2 croissants, 2 pain au chocolats, 2 freshly squeezed orange juices, a coffee and a tea. We sat in the sun, ate, shooed away pigeons and read our books. HEAVEN.


The Sacre Coeur was beautiful. Lots of people, lots of steps, lots of dodgy men trying to get me to buy their friendship bracelets. That aside the atmosphere was incredible, the view sublime. You can see all over Paris from the top of the steps and we (again) just sat there for a while reading and soaking it all in. There was also a crazy stunt guy doing some seriously good football tricks on a wall. And also up a lamppost.



We strolled along into the bohemian streets of Montmarte and saw the Moulin Rouge (hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista). As it goes, it looks like I AM giving you a play by play – sorry. But aren’t french buildings just SO romantic – even the decrepit ones? Can buildings be romantic? It was here that I had to keep reminding Dave that it wasn’t cool to keep bursting out into the song ‘Can you hear the people sing’ from Les Mis. Image


We navigated the Metro like pro’s and wandered along the Champs Elysee. Here I am being a daredevil in the middle of the only roundabout in the world that you can’t get insurance to drive around. Dave Wiggins LOVES this fact. Image

Then we did the very stereotypical things like buy macarons from here:Image



And of course we lounged around and read on the grass under this (we’ve both been before so didn’t fancy going up):Image

You’ll have seen from some of my tweets that I found some french men to be total slimeballs. Not only did I witness them harassing women they didn’t know on the street, I even had one whisper in my ear on the metro. Dave had to talk me down from giving him a piece of my non-french-speaking mind. He is the mast to my often very flappy sail, my husband.

We missed Levi and felt like giddy children going to pick him up last night, we couldn’t wait to see him but it was just amazing to get away together and really switch off, catching up with each other instead of falling in a heap like we tend to do at the end of most days. I even read a WHOLE BOOK and it has given me a lot to think about – but that’s for another post…

So how was your Easter? Have you been to Paris? What did you think?


12 thoughts on “Vive La France!

    • It’s a book called ‘7’ by Jen Hatmaker. It’s a witty look at consumerism/excess & challenging the systems in which we contribute to it.

  1. IT IS OK to sing Les Mis in Paris! Why wouldn’t it be? Go Dave!! 🙂 Lovely take on Paris. I often think that the hotel we chose last time pretty much ruined the romance that Paris can offer, so I might think about escaping there again to look through better eyes. Loved your photos, and especially loved the macarons!

    • Haha well he DOES have a good voice but I was trying not to draw attention to ourselves…;) you should defo give it another go. It helped that the weather was good and the hotel was nice! Keep an eye on voyage prive! X

    • I second this. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that experience were I tagging behind. I’m sure he had to dissuade you from singing a variety of songs throughout your weekend away…. Lady Marmalade being only one of them, right?

  2. Oh dear God these pictures give me such wanderlust! Need a holiday. And some sunshine. And some croissants. And some macaroons. And a ride on the carousel at the bottom of Sacre Coeur…

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