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The twitter world has been the source of many wonderful things for me.  With just a ping I’ve had the opportunity to absorb the wisdom of many mammas that have gone before, connected to old friends, found new music, heard about events, called big companies to account for bad practice and learned a whole HEAP of stuff that help me shape my job.

It helps me communicate across time-zones when my parents live continents away and often is a good source of accountability for the things that are important to me. 

Speaking of things that are important to me…

You may have figured out that I’m trying my best to keep my wits about me when it comes to having a fashion conscience (different to being fashion conscious, folks) and so when Ceri from Style Is contacted me over twitter (@Style__is) to tell me about her new webventure (that’s an adventure WITHIN a website – Sorry for all the over explaining) I wanted to share it in a bid to inspire you to see how easy it is to buy ethically without skimping on style. 

Style Is features over 100 beautiful and innovative fashion brands. The hope is that the site will make it quicker and easier for shoppers to find great clothes that have also been made with respect for people and planet.

All clothing shoes and accessories on the site will, as a minimum, comply with one of the following –

  • Use sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and recycled
  • Vegan alternatives to leather
  • Clothing made under fair trade principles or in ethical factories
  • Second-hand, vintage clothing and designer dresses for hire
  • Made in the UK

I’ve been scouring it out recently and here are some of my fav’s:


You KNOW I love me a bib necklace and this baby is from People Tree and is currently on sale for £9.60!


This navy skirt (also from People Tree – now they’re just showing off…) is a dream eh?  I imagine you could go casual with it teaming it with a graphic tee and some converse or you could throw on some tights and heeled ankle boots for a dressier occasion.  AND it’s only £11.40! Get right IN.


Oh HELLO cute teardrop mountain graphic tee, you’re a dreamboat! And for £14.99, you’d be a fool not to!


Waaahhh, I’m dying over this dress (and the fact that I fear the weather will never be good enough for it to see the light of day) and it’s £55 and made by a fairtrade company called Mata Traders.  They are my new favourite brand find – SERIOUSLY check out their jewellery and clothes – so beautiful.  (you can also get %15 off it right now)

You see what I mean?  Totally stylish, totally affordable and totally committed to ethics.

Check it out, won’t you? 


One thought on “Style Is…

  1. I like that skirt on its own, but what would happen with a tshirt or something over top – do you think the wings on the waiste would make the draping look weird?

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