Grown Ups

We had a dinner party on Saturday night with some of our favourite peeps.  I planned the menu entirely from pinterest recipes (check out my YUM board) which either makes me a massive geek or a total genius.

Not the type to let having kiddos stop them from a little Saturday night out, our buds brought their travel cots and we indulged in lots of cute pictures before the littl’uns headed to snoozeville.  Levi got particularly fresh with Ella.  Even more so when everyone coo’ed and aww’d at them.  He seems to be quite the showman these days (no idea where he gets it from).


I have such great memories of getting to hang out and the go to bed at my parents friends house when I was wee…I hope these guys don’t mind us documenting their cuteness…



He went in for the kill (much to her surprise it seems!) Come on Henry – fight for your girl!

Anyway, during the week I went to the butchers and picked up a beasty 4lbs of pork loin and bright and early on Saturday morning I rubbed that pig with salt & pepper and threw it in the slow cooker with some water on the bottom.  I had it on low from about 11am until 7pm and then an hour before serving I brushed it over with a brown sugar and balsamic glaze to add some kick to the top.  After the 8 hours in the slow cooker it was really tender and fell apart when I cut into it.  SO YUM.  You can find that recipe here.

Dave took Levi to the football on Saturday afternoon so I spent a blissful couple of hours getting groceries and preparing the rest of the meal – it was HEAVEN.  Levi’s new thing is wanting to sit on the kitchen counter when I’m doing stuff which is VERY cute but also VERY difficult because he just wants to play with the stuff around him.  I found a spoon in my toaster the other day – that could have ended badly.  So, needless to say I relished in having the whole kitchen and it’s countertops all to myself and I whipped up some crash hot potatoes, proscuitto wrapped asparagus and rosemary carrots and served it all with some rocket and beetroot salad.

Sooz brought the starter and it worked perfectly with the rest of the meal – prosciutto, goats cheese, tapanade and sundried tomatoes served with a big slab of ciabatta bread.  Delicious.


I honestly love nothing more than cooking for friends and sitting around catching up and eating with no time pressure.


For desert, I made Martha Stewarts go-to pie (if it’s good enough for our Martha…).  It only has four ingredients and was dead easy.  If you like chocolate and coconut, this is the pie for you!


After we scoffed the lot (and my husband sneakily reserved a slice of the pie for the next day) we played some obligatory Wiggy team games by the fire.  To top it all off, Katie brought over her now signature cheeseball (yes, a ball of cheesy, oniony, bacony goodness) and we dug into that with some crackers before folding up the travel cots and bundling the kiddos off home.  I have no picture of the cheeseball because it is always such a massive hit that it’s unlikely to get acknowledged with a camera before it’s gone!

Saturday night in never felt so good.  I still can’t believe we’re at the stage where we all bring our kids to friends houses to go to sleep while the adults have dinner downstairs.

When did this happen?

Are we grown ups?


One thought on “Grown Ups

  1. I remember those fun times when our parents brought us to their friends. It was always REALLY disappointing when the other kids had gone to a sitter. I hated that. My parents were friends with the parents of Stephanie and Brock MacGregor – do you remember them? I thought they were the bees knees, and Mrs MacGregor knew how to make her own ice cream.

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