DIY Bib Necklace

I’ve been loving the bib necklace trend this year – big bold statements with vibrant colours, so fab.

I pinned this tutorial for making your own a few weeks ago and on Tuesday night I put Levi to bed and went up to my craft room and had a crack at it. Man, making really soothes me.  Between the intense themes in my day job, the busyness of family life, making stuff in the quiet of a usually noisy house brings a welcome balance to my week.  I need to do it more.

Anyway, the picture tutorial I found uses a chain as the necklace bit but I went for ribbon (mainly because I didn’t have any chains – who has chains?).  I think the ribbon detail is a bit nicer to wear though because you can adjust the length really easily and it looks so sweet with the little bow tied at the nape of your neck. 

From start to finish this took me about 15 minutes.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and I think it could be a new go-to pressie idea for my girlfriends.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Buttons (variety of sizes and colours you like)
  • Hot glue gun
  • A scrap of felt (pick a similar colour to your buttons)
  • A long bit of ribbon

So here goes (excuse the iphone quality pictures):


I chose greys & mustards – I can’t explain it, I’m just drawn to them.


Make sure you leave the hot glue to dry slightly before you start cutting. A minute should do it.


I definitely love this more than a chain, even a good strong lace might be nice?


There you go! Your own tailor-made bib necklace in 15 minutes!


What do you think?  Could you give it a go?


7 thoughts on “DIY Bib Necklace

  1. Believe it or not, i always had chain on me. i made a lot of button necklaces for a while and found that chain was easier to use than ribbon. but that’s all long gone in canada land. i don’t even have a glue gun now. and i’m mourning the loss of my buttons after seeing this tutorial.

    • I TOTALLY believe you always had some chain. You basically had EVERY crafty bit known to man in your craft room you crazy girl! Maybe I’ll give it a go sometime with the chain. Seems too fiddly though.

      • You just have to have the right tools to cut it and open up the jump rings… Aka pliers. I had too many random things in my craft room. It made moving really challenging. I blame eBay.

        Sent from my iPhone

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    • you DEFINITELY could Hattie! I’m no craft expert – only ever pick things that are short and simple! Let me know if you do!

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