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You know when you think that your quota for knowing talented people is chock full and then you come across some more and your head explodes?  THAT.

I’ve recently stumbled upon some beautiful illustrators and I REALLY want to promote their work here because of this:   In the masses of ugliness this world offers with sleazy, lazy advertising and meaningless attention seeking mindgames in waltz the illustrators.  They are a unique crowd, bursting with personality, effort, dedication, talent and imagination and they brighten a seedy world.

Here’s a few of my favs from around the UK of late:

Tigerlilly Quinn is an illustrator mama blogger.  Not only does she doodle like a goodun, she also has loads of personal style!  I just ordered this print from her etsy shop but I could have bought the whole place out:


Seventy Tree has also caught my eye lately and I absolutely adore the geometric prints she has.  Particularly this one – the soft colours have me feeling all springy!  Check out her fab shop for more goods (including an up-and-coming homeware range – SQUEEEE!!) here too!


The Happy Pencil by Steph Says Hello is another ray of sunshine.  Quite literally.  I came across her etsy shop last week and it really makes you feel happy.  The colours, the retro vibe – It’s all a big YES.  I saw this print and really want to get it for Levi’s playroom.  Sometimes you need to be reminded and encouraged to have fun eh?


Although I’m not aware of loads of illustrators that blog so much, we definitely have a wealth of talented illustrators here on the Emerald Isle…

Tee & Toast are SO fun and they capture the banter of Northern Irish people in their designs and drawings.  Check out this card:


FlaxFox is also an NI based illustrator that has had us Wiggies reaching for our wallets when we pass her stall in St. Georges Market.  We often buy the large postcards for friends that live away from NI and frame them to send them a little taste of home (along with a packet of Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps).  The illustrations of landmark buildings in and around Belfast are so on the mark.  Check out this print of Belfast’s bridges:


Then there is the wonderfully quirky Atto Partners.  I first met Heather (one of the visual artists/illustrators) when I was sat beside her at a fundraiser about 5 years ago and even though I haven’t physically seen her since, somehow our online paths keep crossing and we had our kiddos around the same time (so LOTS of general sympathising with lack of sleep and crazy baby tales).  When Heather posts her ‘doodles’ on Instagram I seethe with jealousy that my drawing skills are limited to that little story you tell kids by drawing a man falling in a pond and it ends up looking like you’ve drawn a dog (anybody else know that one?  Just me then…).  Check out the characters she did for the Good Little Company – LOVE!


Illustration makes you happy, right?  It’s just lovely.  Anyway, that’s all for today – over and out!


2 thoughts on “Bloggers Illustrated

  1. I seem to bring up my love for illustration a lot lately and this does not help thankyouverymuch! I do love that illustrator from the market though. I have four of those postcards, remember?

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