Family Snaps

Our awesome friend and photographer extraorindaire Dave Cavan kindly took some family snaps the other day.  What an amazing sunny week to capture our little tribe! 


If you’re going to involve a 21 month old in a photo shoot, there better be ice cream. S’all I’m sayin. 








His little teeth and wispy hair kill me with cuteness. (Levi, not Dave)


The the realisation that all the ice cream is gone…




Gah, I love these guys.

Big thanks to Dave for snapping us Wiggies.  He’s a mega talent eh? – check out his work and show him some love on his facebook page!


9 thoughts on “Family Snaps

  1. They’re great, those photos. The ones in the diner are SO crisp – you almost look like cutouts infront of the blurred background.

    • Thanks Lynne. First ones are in Cafollas Cafe in Lurgan & outdoor ones are in Lurgan Park! Such a good weather day!

  2. your little boy is adorable!! And I don’t say that about other people’s kids often 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, happy to have now discovered yours 🙂 x

    • Geeze, thank you! Currently just about to stuff some of your esty good into my basket! I WANT IT ALL!!! Such talent! x

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