St. Valentine Shortbread

Levi and I had the afternoon together today and since my valentine was at work, I thought we* could harness all our lovey-doveyness and whip up some shortbread to give to our friends and neighbours. 

*And by ‘we’ I mean I made it, Levi poured flour all over the floor and then got distracted by the cardboard insert of the kitchen roll. 


We went for the standard recipe that I posted around Christmas except I added some pink food colouring.  I genuinely never know what to do with food colouring so I just kept adding it until it was a nice sickly shade of cheesy pink.


We sampled.


We cut out hearts from some pink card, got out the stripey paper bags then wrote and attached little notes for the lucky shortbread recipients!


Sure, Valentines Day notoriously stenches of all things cheese but I’m of the view that a day dedicated to celebrate love in the midst of some pretty miserable headlines can hardly be a bad thing. 

So, wherever you may be, I hope you feel loved and have shown love today.


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