DIY: Tea Towels & Dowels

Happy Saturday to YOU!

I bought this tea towel a couple of months ago when we moved to the new pad with the intention of framing it or making it into something useful but the ongoing mystery of the missing foot pedal and power to my sewing machine has set me back a bit.  Thankfully I borrowed a machine this week and was able to get a few projects completed, including my tea towel wall hanging.


This project can make the simplest of fabric scraps look professional, takes 15 minutes to complete and costs next to nothing! 

What you need:


The wooden dowels can be found at any B&Q, Homebase or similar DIY shops and are about £1 each – you might need to chop the length in half or adjust it some for the right size.  These give the tea towel some weight and help it to hang nicely. 

Now – pin the dowel into the fabric at both ends by folding it over so you can see how much room you need in sewing the hems at the ends. 


Take the dowel out and sew your hem on both ends.


Cut your string long enough to fit through the top hem and to tie into a nice triangle at the top.  Tie a knot in one end of the string and feed it through the top hem. 


Now you can put the dowels in the top and bottom hems and tie your string to suit the length you want to hang your towel.  I like to hide the knots in the hem to give it a more clean effect.


Hang that sucker up and enjoy!  How cool would a whole rail of tea towels of different shapes, prints and sizes look on a wall?!




8 thoughts on “DIY: Tea Towels & Dowels

  1. Again, your place is AMAZING. I want my Guernsey place to look like yours. Will you come visit? Wee family vacay once I’m settled in? I think Levi would like the beach.

  2. This is genius – I’ve got a tea towel I’ve been meaning to frame, but this is so much easier! PS Well jealous of your kitchen! x

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