The Blog Honor Roll

Hello weekenders!  How the heck are ya?

We’ve been busy Wiggies this weekend – visiting family, celebrating birthdays and generally rushing about. 


Tonight is all about catching up on my favourite blogs.  For those of you who enjoy that kind of thing you’ll know that having blogs that you read regularly is this odd combination of beautiful connections to people with whom you share common interests mixed with the odd realisation that you will most likely never meet most of them. 

I always get asked about the blogs that I read so I thought I’d do a little list of some of my regular stop offs.  Each of them a little different, but they all manage to give me something to think about, be inspired by or help me pursue creativity.  Having blogged for about 10 years now I have quite a strict criteria of what keeps me coming back to a blog and what bores/annoys the life out of me (maybe that’s for another post) so you can be assured you’re in good company with these gals.  Maybe there’s something in here for you to connect with too?

Here goes…

Seeds & Stitches – Hannah’s blog is so lovely.  She mixes it up between ethical living, craftiness, culture and snippets into regular life with her Mister and her scrummy new baby. 

The Owl & The Accordion – Similar to Hannah, Vicky is a mamma of 2 beautiful kiddos with some wicked style and a penchant for all the good vintage tat that I also adore.  She blogs about everything from style to food to crochet and making stuff. 

Jen Loves Kev – Jen is my girl stylecrush.  There, I said it.  She blogs openly and beautifully about family life with her husband and kids and I regularly covet her wardrobe and home projects. 

A Beautiful Mess – Unless you have been living in a pinterestless cave, I guarantee you will have seen some sort of creative venture from this sister-team on a blog/pinterest board.  Emma & Elsie are ALL about making things (crafts, home projects, recipes, clothes etc) and I’ve had some really lovely ideas for gifts and DIY projects from perusing their blog.

Oh Happy Day – Jordan makes me want to throw a party every time she posts something.  Her party ideas are BRILLIANT and she has loads of tutorials in her catalog.  So stylish.

Lulastic – Lucy is the mothership for all things thrifty & planet-friendly.  She also opens the door on attachment/gentle parenting which has been insightful.  She’s openly a little bit bonkers (like she’s currently a year into not washing her hair with shampoo!) but when it comes to knowing what she’s all about in the world, she is on it and I have huge respect for that. 

Papermash – Lynne runs the wonderful Papermash online shop.  They carry the most beautiful stationary/prints/party supplies etc., and so it makes sense that her blog is a reflection of her eye for beautiful things and making stuff.

I urge you to head over and say hello to all these ladies – you’ll be glad you stopped by!


6 thoughts on “The Blog Honor Roll

  1. Thank you so much for including me – I’m very honoured and in excellent company! (Funnily enough, I was planning a ‘Best Blog Finds of 2012’ post which has got you in it. Great minds!) Smooch x

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