Blue Monday/Magpie Monday

So, the most depressing day of the year huh?  Well, I hope the person that declared that as official is proud of themselves.  What a crazy notion to try and put on us?!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll officially declare it the most giddy day of the year and hope that everyone goes about their business with a slightly raised sense of enthusiasm and cheer. 

Regardless of these nonsense declarations, I hope you’ve started your week off well. 

The last few weeks and months have been hectic with our house move and Christmas but in the midst of all of that I’ve loved getting settled into our new pad, cozying it up and enjoying the newness of our space. 

Yesterday we had some family over for Sunday lunch (roast chicken, thanks for asking), so I was a busy bee cooking up a storm.  Daveboy lit the fire in the kitchen and we proceeded to spend the entire day in there eating, chatting, drinking tea and playing with Levi.  I’ve always wanted to have a kitchen that can really be the hub of the house.  I love being in there cooking so to have a place where people can be social and relax while I work away is such a treat.  We’ve made sure to make this space somewhere that we love to be – cozy and bright. 


(…you need to know that in reality, this floor has weetabix stuck to it and only ever looks like this for about 4.5 minutes at a time…this isn’t pinterest folks, this is real life.)Image

I’ve had a fun time putting all my tat in it’s place and have snagged some great bits in alternative shops lately…wanna see?



I have a small obsession with enamel kitchenware at the minute.  I got this yellow-top sugar duster (I just made up the name for that) on ebay for £5 and the bed pan (which now holds all my cooking oils – how hygienic!) was £4 in this random little brick-a-brack shop in Portadown.


This flower picture (because you can never have enough of these) was fresh stock in Hope Charity Shop in Lurgan over the weekend.







These fancy gold tumblers will probably serve no purpose to me other than their beauty but they were £2 at the Crumlin Road Boot Sale.  I have my best mate Michelle Leeder to thank for those.  She haggles like a goodun’.


White teacups are my absolute ultimate second-hand find.  They are timeless and go with everything and I will never pass one by.  These were £1 each from Hope.




And these precious trinkets came all the way from a little charity shop in Whitchurch, Cardiff where my brother and sister-in-law live.  They safely made their way home in my hand luggage from our pre-Christmas visit.  The honey pot was priced at 30p because there was the TINIEST little chip out of the lid.  I felt bad because the man at the til apologised so much for it not being pristine but I loved it so much so I gave him some extra.

Because that’s what happens when you charity shop – It’s the same thing that happens when you decide to ignore man-made declarations of how you should feel on particular days of the year.  You count your blessings, you give a little bit more, you look for beauty and you keep going.

* This is just one of the posts on good old Magpie Monday with Miss Lizzie – check it out for more thrifty goodness! *


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