A Very Wiggy Christmas


Well there you have it.  Another year through and I’m stepping boldly into a new one.  The end of the year tends to be generally quite chaotic eh? Like everyone is trying to cram in all the joy and generosity they can muster into a 2 week space.

Maybe one day we’ll all learn how to spread out all that sentiment and good cheer throughout the other 50 weeks of the year.

I was off work for 2 weeks and to ring that in I spent a really lovely evening having dinner with our whole team – something we never get to do because our organisation is such a busy one.  Having only worked there for 6 months, it was so lovely to sit down and really chat to my co-workers – learn about their families and the traditions that accompany the many different nationalities around our work table.


We also had to make an quick visit up to Enniskillen to see my cousin and her husband as they welcomed their new baby boy James into the world.  He’s so tiny and so cute and it’s SO great to have another little one so close by in my side of the family for Levi to grow up with. 


The whole Christmas season was really different for us this year.  It was the first time we didn’t have any of our family around and to be honest I really wasn’t looking forward to it.  My folks and brother and sister-in-law were in Canada, Dave’s parents were in Thailand, various other family members were tied up with other commitments and so we had resolved that we would have a quiet Christmas day, just the three of us.  I wasn’t entirely convinced by the idea and so when (like Christmas angels from above) our friends invited us to join their family for Christmas day we gratefully accepted.  After a lazy morning opening the small gifts we had for each other at home we spent a lovely afternoon eating and relaxing with our friends.   


Not long after Boxing day the bug hit.  I was in bed for 2 days and feeling really rotten.  The upside of it all was that I lost all my ‘holiday weight’ (a little Ross from ‘Friends’ reference there) and the bridesmaid dress that I was worried I would be a little snug in fit perfectly! IN YOUR FACE, FLU!

We headed off to London for the guts of a week and I had the BEST time being bridesmaid for one of my best friends on New Years Eve.  The whole day was so warm and fun and we were so grateful to Stelly for taking Levi overnight so we could stay out late and boogie.  New Years Eve weddings are awesome. 


The rest of our time in London was spent visiting with friends, getting reacquainted with the city and showing Levi some of our favourite places.  He had his first go on the London buses, rode the underground and he was in awe of all the big old buildings and the twinkly lights of the Southbank. 



Despite missing our family, we’ve ended up having a really great time off.  Friends that are like family (framily) have played a huge part – so if that’s been you – we love you and are grateful for your kindness in our lives. 

Here’s to a beautiful 2013.



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