Motherhood – What does it look like?

Being a parent can be all-consuming.  Some days it really IS all-consuming.

Some days its a flowing dance between you and your child; understanding with ease each others movements, knowing what they need, moving with the rhythm of their tiny little world.

Some days its a hurricane; every thing is blown about, communication confusion is rampant and you can’t find cover so the only way to get through it to forget about shelter and run right into the mess and hope that the calm will follow.  And it does.

It’s talking to your partner at the end of the day about all the cute/amazing/emotional moments with your child that filled up your senses.  It’s wondering why your kid won’t settle for a nap only to realise that you left their shoes on when you put them down.  It’s shovelling the mess of your house into a corner so you can take a cute instagram picture.  It’s allowing them to throw things over the bannister because you need 3.5 minutes to put your make-up on.  It’s saying no to really important opportunities at work beacuse it interferes with the day you’re spending with them.  It’s calling your mum on skype and making her stay on the line so you have some company on those long rainy days stuck inside with a restless one year old.  It’s reading ‘Sleeping At Last’ for the zillionth time and STILL using your story voice.  It’s negotiating which one of you is going to go into them in the middle of the night to settled them.  It’s sending that lasagne to your new mum friend because you KNOW the madness of those first few weeks.  It’s the joy and pride that makes your heart almost explode when you see how they make your family and friends laugh with their new party tricks.  It’s that kind word from a friend ‘It gets easier’ – just when you needed to hear it.  It’s that moment of overwhelming love when they want to give you a kiss without you having to coax or ask them for one.  It’s weeping with parents you’ve never met as you try and fathom the pain of losing a child.  It’s the late night worry by the light of your iphone as you google their sickness symptoms.  It’s the guilt over the many endless decisions you’re never sure you’ve made right.  It’s the feeling of empowerment that comes from knowing your influence and love is carrying them from one stage to the next.

It’s the solidarity of other parents that are feeling the same things in one way or another.



6 thoughts on “Motherhood – What does it look like?

  1. This is so beautifully written Mel, and the photo is beautiful too! I love the joy on both of your faces! You are such a natural mother, calm and purposeful and a great teacher to Levi. xx

    • Aw, thanks Nina – we are muddling our way through slightly but glad to have good role models in our sight (like you!) x

    • Ah, I think the same for Elliott and Audrey. You guys are so relaxed and fun. Miss you all xo

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