Dec So Far…









It’s been such a sweet month so far. 

We got the Christmas tree up in all her glory – I had bought a bunch of gorgeous decorations in the January sales last year for 20p a pop (top tip!) and totally forgot about them until I opened the box of all our Christmasy gear.  I felt quite smug at my previous forward thinking (that sounds like a bit of an odd sequence of words, no?)

Then we headed off for a weekend visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Cardiff where we spent most of the time relaxing together, drinking coffee, eating a LOT and trawling the charity shops of their little village.  I had to be restrained, the stuff was SO good and there were about 7 charity shops in a 1/2 mile stretch.  I came home with a gorgeous little honey pot (that was 25p because of the tiniest little chip out of it!), a tartan scarf, a neon pink vintage cardigan and a light blue high-waisted vintage woolen skirt. 

Other highlights have included a much needed night out for dinner and drinks with some of my favourite girls, a slightly distracted attempt at a cross-continent catch up with my beautiful friend and now supermum of two under two, Ange, and a glorious night of musical delights taking in Mumford & Sons last night. 

In the midst such sorrow and pain in our world it feels important to take stock of the good things, the happy times, the memorable events and make some space to be grateful.


2 thoughts on “Dec So Far…

  1. Sounds like a fantastic month so far! Your little man is the cutest thing! And your right… The world is a mad place sometimes.. I hug my kids tighter, thankful for their futures and all they can achieve!

    • Aw, thanks Sarah – we think he’s pretty cute. Mischievous and cute at the minute! Have a lovely Chrimbo with your beautiful brood! xx

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