Second Hand Santa

Yes, Coca-Cola we know – holidays are, in fact, coming.

We are not the family that is super-prepared come this time of year.  We are definitely firmly in the ‘don’t get sucked into the hype’ camp and to be honest, we’ve just moved house less than a month ago so if I can find my Christmas decorations in the next few weeks it will be a small (Christmas) miracle.

We do, however love some of the sentiments of the Christmas season – you know, the good ones that don’t make you feel like punching people in the face.  The closing up of a year feeling, the time spent with loved ones, the excuses to eat loads of homemade food, the opportunity to be thoughtful about others in a more specific and collective way.

Since having Levi we’ve had to think a bit harder about the way we want him to see these special times of the year.  Birthdays, Christmas etc…we want to raise him to see clearly around the fuss and the presents etc.  Nobody likes a spoilt child.

Anyway, last Christmas he was 7 months old.  He got a piggy bank that cost £5.  We weren’t even thinking about what to get him this year but then we called in to visit my Uncle Billy at an Education Board auction he was doing last week (yes, my uncle is an auctioneer and my in-laws own a charity shop…we have some serious second-hand hook ups).

This auction is basically the dumping ground for old school stuff that has been updated.  Old canteen gear, tables, chairs, P.E. equipment – really random things.  We had a bit of a snoop and amongst the bunsen burners and pummel horses we came across the MOST AMAZING old freestanding rolling blackboard and scooped that baby up in the auction for a measly £17!


We have a basement in our new house that has a really awesome playroom space, so this will be the perfect place to keep this beast and I can’t wait for Levi to see it and have fun scribbling!  Don’t worry – he doesn’t have internet access yet so I haven’t ruined the surprise;)

I’m linking this post up with Lu and all the other thrifty bloggers sharing some of their best recycled/crafty/upcycled/second hand gift giving tips this festive season! Come have a look at what others are doing here!



7 thoughts on “Second Hand Santa

    That is such a steal!
    Tim and I often see abandoned schools and wish we had access to their bunsen burners, pummel horses and canteen gear!
    Thanks for linking!

    • I know mate – it’s a pretty good deal. I have to keep them sweet though, lots of cakes help. I bet Timbo would LOVE a pummel in the garden eh?! x

    • Now if only I could sift my way through the moving boxes clogging the playroom up I’d be doing well! x

  2. I like the way you’re rolling with it. I had a near breakdown-in-relationship with my Ma this year because she’s so determined to buy me something. She even bypassed my OXFAM list. there’s just something missing, you know? Giving a gift should be because you’re inspired to do so, not because it’s Christmas time and you have to. I’m glad Levi hasn’t learned the opposite yet. SHIELD HIM!!!!!!!

    • Oh man, those pesky mums and their obsessive generosity eh?! I agree though. Gifts should be inspired, not obligated. Very good advice oh wise one xo

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