A Northern Irish Treat – Fifteens

If you were born or raised in Northern Ireland, this recipe will have been handed to you on exiting the womb.  Everyone here knows how to make fifteens.  They are a proper Northern Irish staple traybake always to be found in bakerys, baptisms, funerals and coffee mornings – the easiest and yummiest (in my opinion) too.

It has to be said, the real expert in making fifteens in our house is Dave, but since he’s working tonight and I have friends over tomorrow evening, I thought I’d make some and show all you non-NI folk how it’s done.

All you need is:

A big bowl // wooden spoon // tin foil // 15 digestive biscuits // 15 pink & white marshmallows // a bag of malteasers // 1/2 a tin of condensed milk

You can use your hands (good activity for kiddies to help with), or put them in a ziplock and use a rolling pin…whatevs comes easiest to you.

Traditionally fifteens are made with 15 candied cherries but I loathe them so I added some fairtrade malteasters.  You can basically substitute anything you want to along with the marshmallows.

I’ve heard some people in the rest of the UK say they’ve found it hard to get their mitts on dessicated coconut.  I hope that’s not the case…

They are called Fifteens because of the number of each ingredient you put in, but also because they’re SO quick to make.  Just 15 minutes!  They are a sure-fire hit with kids and adults alike, aren’t messy to clean up after making and no mega-expensive ingredients.

Let me know if you try them!


7 thoughts on “A Northern Irish Treat – Fifteens

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  3. thanks for the pictures for making this. we have a Northern Irish friend over and I want him to feel at home …..along with champs and soda bread.

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