Little Nuggets of Soap

I’m still struggling along on my gorgeously green journey – making lots of small changes along the way; being more considerate about the products I buy, the way I dispose of things, opting for more sustainable, chemical-free choices.

If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll have seen some of the products that I’ve made myself.  Face oil, toothpaste, hand soap, cleaning products and laundry soap have all been made my my fair hand and have been really successful. 

Being a busy working parent has definitely given me a lot to balance and there is always the temptation to run to the supermarket in a panic and buy some cheap product that I know will get the job done, but I’m more stubborn that than and really want to commit to this way of life. 

So I’ve been trying to find some alternatives to some of the more timely recipes and I wanted to share how much I’m loving using soapnuts to wash our clothes.

Yes, I said soapnuts. 

“What the flame are soapnuts?” I hear you wail (probably with a slight eyeroll…..I see you)

Well get ready, ‘cause I’m about to sing their praises and try and convert you to their wonderous ways.

One of the best sites I’ve found for explaining soapnuts, how and why we should use them is (quite obviously)  Lots of the info I’m going to give you is taken directly from there but here’s an overview from me.

*  They are 100% chemical free, biodegradable and cruelty free.  You can compost them, boil them up to use as a liquid for cleaning or even washing your body/hair!

*  250 grams gives 65 – 85 wash loads  (compared to Ariel non bio 1.857kg = 24 wash loads, 7 times more detergent [weight] for 60 less washes)

*  500 grams costs only £7 compared to expensive powder or tablets/geltabs that cost a fortune and are gone in no time!

*  They are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin – completely hypoallergenic.

*  All you have to do is pop 4-8 (depending on how dirty the clothes are) in a muslin bag and place it on the top of your load.  I usually just pop them into a sock and tie a knot in the sock and throw them in. 

*  I like a little smell from my clothes, so I add vinegar with about 10 drops of a nice essential oil to my fabric softener drawer.

*  Don’t be fooled by suds.  Suds are often the by-product of a lot of chemicals and artificial foaming agents.  Suds don’t equal clean. 

*  Don’t forget to take the muslin/sock out before you put your load in the dryer.  It doesn’t melt them or anything – they may just dry out the nut and make it less effective.

*  You can reuse the same muslin/sock of soapnuts up to FOUR TIMES!

* Since soapnuts are primarily a resource from developing countries, increased demand will provide an additional needed economic stimulus. WINNER!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, you’re more stubborn than me!  If you’re UK based, look to be the best in price and variety of ethical/eco cleaning products to order from. 

What are you waiting for?!


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