The Iris Method – Egg on your bum.

So, this post is only going to be relevant to those with small children. Feel free to snoop on by if that last sentence already has you snoozing.  You can’t win them all.

Levi has been a bit of a late bloomer for some things.  He is 18 months this month.  He just started walking just over a month ago, his hair is taking its time coming in and he only has 5 teeth.  It’s pretty cute to see his little front gnashers, but the longer he waits for the rest, the more acutely the pain of his teeth seems to hit and it’s an all out misery for all of us.

Honest to goodness, the teething thing has to be the thing about parenting that is least talked about when you are pregnant and is surprisingly very challenging when it comes along because of how much it throws much of the normality of your baby’s ways off kilter (sleeping, eating, demeanor etc). 

Over the last week, toofie number five has been working its way in and he has been in pretty poor form including clingy-ness, chin rashes from drool, runny noses, full on vomiting all over a table in the middle of a cafe over lunch and last but not least, the most horrific nappies I’ve ever known.  Granted I’ve not known THAT many nappies, but these have been corkers.  The kind that sting your eyes.  Yup.

I had one day this week where I literally felt I couldn’t leave the house because he was doing them every hour and needed constant changing.  The results of these bad boys have left his little toosh in a bad way – really sore and raw. To the point where he dreaded being changed, cried his head off during being changed and was waddling around all awkward after being changed.  It was so sad.

My mother-in-law was a mid-wife for over thirty years and has literally seen it all when it comes to babies.  She knows all the tricks of the trade, especially the most natural way to do things and when it comes to this stuff I’m always badgering her for advice.  So – in standard form, I called on her expertise for my wee mans bum and lo and behold after 2 days of what I’m now calling ‘The Iris Method’ he is totally cleared and is as happy as Larry (who’s Larry?).

Now, I realise that this trick might be old news to many of you but I just wanted to do a quick run through (pun intended) of this method just in case. I wanted to save any of you that have been spending a bunch of money on bum rash creams and potions and assure you that something just as good could be sitting in your fridge right now.  That thing is egg whites.

Ah the humble egg. So much variety and benefit from something so small that is popped out of a chickens bum.

*I must post a disclaimer to say that Iris would encourage you to ensure there is no egg allergy in your family before giving her method a go.*

1) First of all, crack and seperate the egg white into a clean mug.  Give it a bit of a whizz with a fork (note you do NOT, I repeat NOT want to froth it too much.  Nobody needs a meringue-covered bum). 

2) Clean off the bottom, preferably with a warm damp cloth rather than stingy wipes and dab-dry it off good and proper with a towel.

3) Open and place the clean nappy under the bottom and then proceed to apply the egg white over the sore area. You’ll only use a bit of the egg whites so just keep the remainder in the fridge for the next change.

4) Now you can either expose it to the air to let it dry (keeping that towel handy in case of a rogue wee-wee happening) or if you have a wriggly baby you may need to get a hairdryer out on the lowest heat to speed up the drying process (that’s us). 

5) Once it has dried onto the skin you can secure the clean nappy on.

It has taken probably 4 ‘Iris Method’ applications to clear it up for Levi but I saw a real difference after the first.  It creates a natural barrier for the skin to begin to heal and has organic healing components in it.  In fact egg whites are brilliant for all kinds of burns and skin abrasions.  Check me out using the word abrasion!  I may as well be a doctor.

And now that it’s done, I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post on how to put egg on your baby’s bum.  It’s been a long week.


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