The Lumineers/Civil Wars

I wish you all could have been there last night.  

We’ve had tickets booked to see The Civil Wars for a long time now – so long that I almost forgot about it.  Having spent most of Saturday sipping water to try and keep a nasty vomiting bug at bay, I was really worried I’d end up missing the gig but plenty of rest and a bit of dry toast saw me through.  

The Civil Wars were just sublime.  Unbelievably good.  Sickeningly, making-my-heart-ache-with-beauty kinda good.  If you haven’t heard their stuff you’re a bit of an idiot.  Not really, but you can redeem yourself here. They performed for 1.5 hours just the two of them and the guitar and not once did it feel like anything was missing.  Their voices completely filled the Mandela Hall, mesmerising us with their harmonies.    

Opening for the The Civil Wars was a 4 piece band called The Lumineers.  It’s funny, because just last week I heard this song come on the TV and it really caught my ear.  That doesn’t happen to me a lot so I found out who it was filed the band name in my brain filing cabinet under ‘music I need to check out’, and went about my business.  Imagine how cool it was to find out it was The Lumineers and they were going to be opening the show!

Anyway, the lead singer had a voice like a young Bruce Springsteen and they had this slightly less-polished-than-Mumford & Sons look about them – like they had stolen clothes from the set of Little House on the Prairie. That might be why their music is described as being ‘front-porch folk’.  They all switched about on the instruments from drumming to playing the mandolin; from cello to piano, keys to guitar.  Really really good stuff.

Being an opening band is no easy gig but in no time they had won us over and we were singing along and stomping around to their deep-south inspired folk anthems.  After their set Dave even said ‘I’d go home happy having heard just them…’

SO – all there is left to do is hit play above and take in their latest single, ‘Hey Ho’…I dare you not to fall for them.


One thought on “The Lumineers/Civil Wars

  1. I did the same thing with the same group just the week!
    I agree with you – they are cool!
    NOTE TO SELF: just ask Mel next time!

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