In the throws…

We are moving house.  Again. 

Dave pointed out to me the other day that we are 5 years married and once we move this time we will have lived in 4 different homes in those 5 years.  I’m a serial house mover.  Before me, that boy had only ever moved twice really.

Me, I’ve lost count of the different homes I’ve had – different countries, counties, villages and towns. 

If I’m quiet on here it’s mainly because I’m knee-deep in boxes, bubble wrap and purging all our unnecessary junk.  We’re currently at the mid-move stage – things are not in their usual homes, I am packing things that I think I won’t need and then 5 minutes later I need them. 

If only I could Mary Poppins this move and have everything in its place at the new gaff quick smart. 

In the midst of it all, I am REALLY excited to be moving to our new place.  It’s everything we’ve ever wanted in a house – lots of bedrooms for family & friends to stay in, a fireplace in the kitchen AND the living room, picture rails, white painted wooden staircase, exposed brick, character galore, A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN (YAAAYYY) and a lot of that cozy comfort feel.

I can feel my creative mojo returning as we transition over to this new space – I have lots of ideas of how to put the Wiggy stamp on things, ways to rearrange and reorder our already loved furniture and bits, things I want to paint, make, decorate etc. 

When the dust settles I’ll be back to share the things I’ll be up to but for now, here’s some of my current inspirations (or should I say…PINspirations…muahaha) for the new digs:

In closing – yeah.  I get a craft room.


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