My ‘Day Of The Girl’

Today is International Day of The Girl.

Let me remind you how important this is. 

Today I had a meeting with Children’s Services, encouraging them to avail of our trafficking awareness training for professionals working with vulnerable young people. 

On the way home from said meeting, I popped into Lidls to get some groceries and was wolf-whistled at TWICE from the same man as I walked the aisles.  Twice I was made to feel really self-conscious, slimed over, not at all flattered and generally observed as something to be oogled, not respected. 

When I got home from Lidls, I had to call the same Children’s Services to make a young girl known to them that had slipped through the nets having been horrifically exploited in our own community.

As I read my boy a story before bed tonight, the news whispered in the background of unthinkable acts of violence towards a little girl whose life ended too soon, ripping a family to shreds. 

Now as I sit in the quiet of my home with my child safely in bed, I will take out my kindle.  I will continue reading my book of the moment ‘The Liberating Truth’ (a must read for Christians everywhere), which will share more stories about how all over the globe, the oppression of females is preventing the world from experiencing the power, innovation, wisdom and creativity of women and girls.  How religion and culture has trampled all over the potential of females, leaving them voiceless and violated. 

Oh, it would be easy to lose hope.  To look around with despair and “get back in the kitchen where we belong”. 

But we are NOT second choice in the list of humans that can change the world.  We ARE the people created to create, to empower, educate and decide. 

Today, I celebrate those that are living proof of this; blasting down walls with truth, unwilling to accept a society that does not value what we have to offer.  I celebrate my friends who are walking uncharted territory in business, charity, creative arts, parenting and relationships.  Today I look to those women for hope that some day, ALL girls will be seen, heard, protected and have the opportunity to know unswervingly that they too can change the world. 


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