DIY Leafy Jar Decor

There’s nothing like hosting a dinner to get you in the creative spirit.  We had an amazing time celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with our mates this weekend.  I conquered the cooking of a huge turkey, we had green bean casserole, sweet potato crisp, cheeseball appetizers, baked mashed potato, chorizo stuffing, waffleberry pie and punch and wine galore.  It was a feast and a half.

With 10 friends and 4 babies it was the perfect mix of chaotic and satisfying.  A little glimpse of all the good things in life – some sort of utopian afternoon that melted into the evening…sharing with loved ones, taking stock of what we are thankful for, everyone mucking in, enough food for all, playing with babies, laughing, absorbing Gods goodness so evident in one room.  

To try and spruce up our dining experience I made some little seasonal candle jars to bring some glow as we ate.  Here’s how…

1.  Supplies at the ready!  Old glass jars that have been washed out and labels removed.  I tried to pick out a variety of shapes and sizes.  Some felt and a magazine for making your leaves (I had an old Cath Kidston one that was perfect for this – PAGES of her patterns!) Twine and washi tape for a bit of a rustic touch.  Washi tape is available widely (I get mine on ebay) and the twine you can pick up cheaply at pound shops or B&Q.  Scissors for snipping and thread for holding it all together.  Tea light candles to pop in the jars when you’re ready to display!

I also used a hot glue gun and a sewing machine on this but it’s not neccessary.  Some glue dots, PVA and an old fashioned needle and thread would do the job just fine!

2.  Wrap your washi tape around your jar (this also doubles as a disguise for those jars that have super stubborn sticky residue that leaves a bit of a mess…).  Then wrap your twine around the neck of the jar a few times, knotting it to secure.

3.  Cut out a bunch of leaf shapes from your felt and magazines.  You can mix and match patterns and sizes whatever way you like, I used the same shape for each one, but don’t feel like you should be limited to that.

4.  You can hand sew, but I wanted to be quick so I whipped out the machine to secure all four layers of leaves together, snipping the threads at the ends.  It also gives it the veiny look that leaves have. It’s up to you which way you want to arrange them.

5.  Hot glue those leafy leaves onto the knot in your twine, fixing them to point whichever way you like.  I mixed it up with each.

6.  And there you have it.  5 little jars in a little cluster, ready to bring the ambience.  The table cloth is a massive bit of material I picked up in a thrift store in Canada for £1 – it is BEAUTIFUL and was the perfect autumnal cloth for our table!


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