Pretty in Pink

Sooooo, I bought this the other day… 

I’m not pregnant, I’m not obsessed with pink girly things and I’m not giving it away (soz).  I have no idea why I bought it but my heart was all a’flutter when I saw it in the Oxfam in Portadown High Street.  Pristine condition, perfectly pleated little girls dress of beauty.  I’d quite like it in my size.

Does anyone else ever buy second hand stuff that they have no purpose for just because it’s pretty?  I’m normally really disciplined about buying lots of fiddly things for the house.  Mainly because I know it will put me off cleaning even more than I already am (which is a LOT), and I’m afraid my house will become a dungeon of dust covered fox figurines and thimbles and things. 

If you are in any way interested in vintage kids clothes, you should DEFINITELY have a gander at Little Vintage. 

Oh me oh my – I won this retro-tastic jumper for Levi in a Little Vintage twitter competition and so many people have commented on it’s awesomeness. 

It’s so great to give such good quality clothes a second life…go on now…LOOK!

Again, I’m hooking up with those rascally Magpies of Miss Lizzie B’s…lots of thrifted goodness to behold over there!


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