Little Reader Boy

Oi, blogging mojo- where are you?  I’ve been looking for you for a while. 

Forgive my inconsistency of blogging lately.  I’ve upped my hours at work for the next little while and with a little bit of a creative lull over the summer I thought I had lost my knack for posting (save for a little disgruntlement over pop-stars).

But alas, here I am.  Late in the evening on my 5 year wedding anniversary – bidding my husband goodbye as he scampers off to play footie with his mates.  That’s love, right?  Sting said so – If you love someone – set them free (to play football on a Monday night with their mates)

I just wanted to show off some awesome children’s books I nabbed at Hope Charity Shop last week. 

I’m not one to wait around until Levi can understand the words on the pages before getting him some classics (these retro/vintage books are rare these days). I want him to be surrounded by lots of books – to really enjoy his imagination. 

I’m collecting lots for him as he grows into a little reader.  He’s already shown a real penchant for books and will regularly bring them to me and climb up into my lap so we can look through them together.  In fact his favourite things right now are locating drawings of birds in books and putting stones from our driveway in and out of tubs/boxes/shoes/containers. 

I love the small pleasures of a child.

This post is a linky link up with Miss Lizzie B & her magpies for Magpie Monday. 


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