One WRONG Direction

Here I am again.

Ranting about pop culture and the blatant ignorance it has for what it models and puts out there into the minds of impressionable teenagers.

In case you’ve been hiding in a hole somewhere, One Direction are currently the biggest boy band in the world.  Topping the charts, fronting all kinds of magazines, singing at the Olympics and working their good-looking magic on all the swoony teenage (and middle aged) ladies across the globe.  I mean, they are easy on the eye – that’s true.

They rose to fame on X-Factor, have had massive success and kept relatively out of much controversy (save for the needless Caroline Flack dating one of the younger members drama)…

Today my friend tweeted about the lyrics of their new song ‘Live While We’re Young’ and when I checked them out I was really REALLY cross.  This one bit in particular has me enraged:

Hey girl, it’s now or never, it’s now or never
Don’t over think just let it go
And if we get together, yeah, get together
Don’t let the pictures leave your phone

Really though?  REALLY??!?!

Undoubtedly this song will go to No. 1, with millions of girl-fans bopping along, singing these lyrics in their bedroom, downloading it onto their phones etc.  Words like these are so powerful and the impact they can have really unsettles me. 

The first line alludes to pressuring a girl for sex – ‘it’s now or never’

The second tells her not to have a mind of her own or make her own decisions but ‘just let it go’…

And the last line condones the ever increasing problem of young people taking compromising sexual pictures of themselves (and their boyfriends/girlfriends) and those pictures inevitably ending up on the phones of people at their school and around their town, leaving them totally vulnerable and shamed.  This happens.  Trust me.

All of the boys in this band are under 20.  I hope their mothers are proud.

If you are in a position of responsibility to young people (as a parent or in your job), please try and dispel the dangerous messages in this song. 

What else can we do about this?  I’m SICK of it. 


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