DIY Fabric Back Frames

It would be fair to say that very few of us get prints of our pictures any more.  We’ve taken a gazillion, yes a gaZILLION pictures in the last year since Levi came thundering into our lives yet we have hardly any pictures of loved ones on our walls.  So many of my family and dearest pals are across the pond so I wanted to get my bum in gear and welcome them to the walls of our home!

I’ve been collecting a bunch of vintage frames from charity shops over the last little while and thought they’d be perfect for framing some of the delightful pics we had printed through printsagram.

If you haven’t yet checked them out, you MUST.  So many lovely little ways you can print your pics straight from your instagram account, delivered right to your door!  We ordered a load of them so we could make a good old fashioned album of pics one of these days. I LOVE square pictures!

Back to the framing – I picked up some lovely fabric while I was away.  And by some, I mean LOADS.  And for peanuts.  I feel pretty smug that I ended up buying more stuff second-hand on this holiday than new. It’s the little things in life, eh? Charity shopping (aka as thrifting in North America) is a vintage lovers paradise.  Especially in my home-town where the whole vintage notion is still very quiet. 

This little DIY is the perfect craft for using up some of your favourite fabric so it can be seen.  So often I hold off on using fabric because I don’t want it to be used for things that people won’t see in my home.

In fact, this DIY is so easy, you’ll probably have a good eye roll at me showing it to you.

Anyway – I thought it would be nice to give the pretty instagram prints a little company with some of my thrifted fabric, bringing Canada and loved ones a little closer to home.

It’s super simple.  All you need is your pic, some fabric, scissors & a frame!

You might want to use some tape to secure your pic on the exact place on the fabric you need it to be as well as to tape up the fabric to the back of the frame backing. 

I really loved how these turned out and can’t wait to get them up around the house!

It will probably DEFINITELY annoy me that the fabric is gathering a bit in the top right of this frame. 

Looks good dunnit?  You think you’ll have a go?!

P.S.  Don’t be fooled by the crochet needle and wool on the table.  I’ve still forgotten how to do it. It’s purely there for aesthetics. 


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