Motherhood Monday – Lightenin’ Levi

I don’t know whether it was the condensed time together that we had that made it so apparent; the constant interaction with other people or whether it was a good dose of the sunshine but I feel like the last 3 weeks has seen some really amazing developments in my little guy.

(Below, with my mum – who has had a massive role in teaching him stuff since she’s been with us since May)

Maybe this is just a normal stage in his little one year old life to be really absorbent to his surroundings but he’s this tiny toddling ball of a human sponge, taking in everyone and everything and testing all kinds of boundaries and reactions. 

At the minute I feel like he’s my little circus monkey as since we have returned from our trip to see family and friends I have had him performing all his new little tricks to anyone who will give me 30 seconds of their time.

He sings.  I know it was bound to happen given our families love for music, our regular dance offs in the kitchen and Reynolds family car journeys that turn into four-part harmony sing-songs but when I ask him to sing me a song and he belts out his own little tune it actually breaks my heart with cuteness.

He is learning animals.  Especially doggies.  We only have to scroll over a channel with 2 seconds of a dog food advert on it and he will make his little ‘woof woof’ grunt to show that he’s seen it.  He’s also doing a pretty mean horsey clip-clop at the minute as well.  Too sweet.

Reciprocal kissing.  Up until our holidays when you asked Levi for a kiss, he would lean his forehead down for you to kiss it but all of a sudden he has turned into a full on smooching on the lips machine and I cannot get enough of it!  I really don’t want to be the mum that makes everyone in the room kiss their baby before they go to bed (because frankly, babies are germy and not everyone is a smoocher), but I definitely have the potential to be one.  There really is nothing more satisfying than to get mutual affection from your child. 

He’s also on the verge of walking.  Meaning, he will happily stroll around holding on to the tiniest tip of your finger but the second you let go, he retreats to his bum for a crawl.  He’s pretty fast on his hands and knees though.  Lightening fast actually.  All those cliches about eyes on the back of your head are most definitely true.

He’s cheeky (I have no idea where that came from…), has exquisite comedic timing, throws an almighty protesting strop when you dare bother him with things like water with no flavour or getting into car seats or peeling him away from the toilet bowl. 

I share all this to reflect that I worried that our holiday would be less of a holiday this time because it was the first time we were bringing a baby away.  The truth is there was very little we would have done differently if we were Levi-free (admittedly we had some great family on hand to help out with lots of this, and those things we would have done differently mainly include sleeping in past 8am, but whatever…).  It was so fun to introduce him to our friends and take lots of time to teach him things and watch him take everything in with such wonder and excitement. 

This little spurt of newness in him has renewed my excitement to see more of his changes as he grows and learns… now, where did I put those toilet seat safety clamps?


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