The Best Bits

We are home sweet home after an amazing 3 week trip to Canada & the US.  We really had the best time – summers in Canada are full of nostalgia and warmth for me (both literally and figuratively) – I had such a great time in the summers I lived there and I love that we’re going to be able to let Levi experience some of that as he grows up.  I’m so glad we were able to spend lots of time with family, catching up with friends, seeing new places, showing our little guy off (he is developing in leaps and bounds these days – more on that on this weeks Motherhood Monday), marking special occasions and celebrating weddings with loved ones.  We were so well looked after and couldn’t have asked for a better time away to recharge.

Thankfully staying with my parents means that we come home with a suitcase full of washed clothes (my mum is a laundry ninja) and don’t have that to contend with, but as I write this my eyes are hanging and my body is a bit achy – maybe it’s the jet-lag – maybe it’s the post-holiday blues setting in…regardless, it is nice to be home and I can’t wait to get stuck into my new job this week and see our fam and friends here.

We packed a lot into the trip so I’ll spare you the details and give you the highlights in pictures (these are just iphone shots, lots of other fun times are still waiting to be uploaded…)


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