the living is easy…

*discalimer – if you get easily jealous of people swimming outdoors, looking relaxed and getting some serious sunshine then look away now.  You have been warned.*

So we’re here.  We survived the long haul day time flight.  Levi slept for 2 hours and spent the remaining 5 flirting with other passengers, squirming on my lap, eating raisins one by one and attempting to crawl into first class.  By the time we touched down in Toronto I was pretty glad to be getting off that plane.

We’ve all done pretty well to get through the time change and get back on track.  Levi has been a complete hero with it all, only waking at 4am the first night and then 6/7am since.  The lazy days with no schedule has helped us all adjust as well as my folks being superstars and giving us nap breaks.

So far we have done a welcome amount of very little other than late afternoon swims and some visiting with friends.  And eating.  A lot of eating.  (I also managed to sneak in a short trip to a couple of thrift stores.  Oh my…) Here’s a little taste of our Canadian vacay so far…

Now a proper water baby – he LOVES his little car floaty.  Thanks to Jason & Nicole who in the midst of getting married next week, have been so amazing letting us crash their house for some poolside lovin’.

The heat here is crazy.  Like a wall of hotness when you leave the cool air-conditioned houses/cars.  I thought Levi would hate it but he seems to be coping just fine!

We took a little trip to Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site yesterday.  I’ve known about it for years and never been but it was fascinating to see the connection that my Canadian hometown has had with the abolition movement.  Really inspiring stuff. 

Levi is like a little explorer let loose.  It’s so fun to watch him discover new places here.

Things we are looking forward to doing for the rest of the trip:

–  going fruit picking today

–  bike rides

– BBQ with a whole bunch of friends on Thursday night

– 5 days in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains w/ the whole fam next week

– more swimming

– eating some good old Chatham-Kent grown corn on the cob (the BEST corn ever)

That’s all folks, gotta go get the factor 20 on for our afternoon out…


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