That was me playing on the word enticing…using pin at the beginning of the word because this post is about luring those of you latecomers to join pinterest…geddit? Okaaaaay…..

I just wanted to do a little Saturday evening shout-out to some of my FAV pins from the last week or so…what else would I be doing on a Saturday night in with the worst back pain known to femalekind.

I’ve picked a good cross-section of things so you stragglers can see the variety of pins that come up…


This haircomb DIY … so fabulous.  I’m having some serious hair woes at the minute, and this might just keep me from chopping it all off.

This very relevant print for my new office – I’m planning on doing a whole post on my new job (which I LOVE by the way) soon, but I’m struggling to get used to only seeing my wee man for a couple of hours a day during Mon-Wed when I’m working…so this print is pretty apt:

I found a few of these wooden crates at an auction last week and got 2 for £5 so I’ve been looking for inspiration on how to use them best.  This is a simple but lovely showcasing idea…

Statement necklaces are rocking my life lately, especially when my typical uniform of choice is block colours, they add that pop – ESPECIALLY THESE:


Some might say sprouts are for the winter, but I say – WATCH ME.  This recipe involves way too many of my favourite foods (brussels, bacon & avocado) – it’s happening.

All of these bad boys I came across on pinterest.  If you’re not on there – you’re missing out on LOADS of stuff to inspire you to get more creative/organised/stylish.  Either that or you pin stuff you’ll never make/eat/wear.  Regardless, come join the fun!  Find me here, or let me know if you want an invite and I’ll send you one!


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