Thrifty Thursdays – Drawstring DIY

Well hello again!

I’m so glad you all loved seeing the little home tour I did of Jill’s house.  She’s well chuffed with all the lovely comments here and on fb. 

I don’t know about you but I am a little obsessed with storage.  I hate little bits of things lying around that could be put together in a pretty box or tin and on a visit to IKEA I find myself getting a bit giddy when I start to see the picture frames area because I KNOW the next stop is storage.  Those yellow arrows cannot direct me fast enough!.

Now you know about my strong feelings for storage, you may then realise that becoming a mother has been testing in this area because so many of the toys that Levi has are just random bits of things with no home.  His favourite thing right now is to put stuff in boxes, empty it out and then start putting stuff in them again. 

The problem is, all these little bits of blocks and wooden letters and Thomas the Tank carcasses are easily lost or misplaced so I wanted to make something to throw them into at the end of the day so they can be kept together in the toy box (suitcase) without it being an eyesore in the living room.

I give you the easiest fabric drawstring bag DIY in the history of the world!

You’ll need:

* A sewing machine (although it’s still simple enough to be hand sewn so don’t fret about that).

*  Some fabric – any size, as long as it can be doubled over.  Mine was about 15 cms square.

*  Scissors

*  Enough Ribbon/String/Wool for the drawing bit.

*  A safety pin.

Fold your fabric with the back of the fabric facing out and the fold along the bottom.  Fold down the top edges to create a little seam for the string to go through on each side.  Pin it and sew along, securing the left and right edge with a double go-over.

Now all you have to do is sew the left and right side together (like the left side in the picture above), remembering to stop sewing at the doubled over edge at the top or else you’ll close over the bit where the string is going to go.

One you turn it inside out you’ll have made the basics of the bag – well done you!  Now you need to thread your string or ribbon through that seam hole that you made in the first step.  After a few times trying it on my own, I remembered that most people use a safety pin attached to the ribbon to pull it through much easier.  So I did.  And it worked.  There’ll be a gap at one edge where the ribbon will be seen threading through.

Now, go ahead and fill it with all your fiddly bits.  Cotton wool, spools, jewellery…this bag is your oyster!


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