Home Tour – Making Modern Home

I’m so excited to share with you the home of my good friend Jill & her husband Craig.  Jill is one of the most creative people I know, although you might not know that about her right away.  She delivers babies for a living, has a dog Harry and a cat Bob. 

I wanted to take some snaps to showcase Jill & Craigs home because I think they’ve done such an amazing job of making a modern new-build house have plenty of personality and a crafty touch.  I can empathise with Jills desire to give her home that old fashioned feel regardless of it’s newness although it’s no mean feat.

Every time I go over to Jill’s she has whipped up something delightful to eat & drink – from her famous Guinness Chocolate Cake to parma violet vodka – her talents know no limits! (she’s also the one who got me stuck in a field of hungry horses while foraging for elderflower – thanks for that).

Every corner of this house is full of the most AMAZING vintage, retro and handmade bits and bobs.  She has a great knack of seeing potential in what others may consider second-hand tat and displays them so beautifully in her home.  Usually when I come in I spend the first half of my visit pouring over all her trinkets and treasures (lustfully) and the second half eating cake and trying to come up with some cunning way to shove some of her stuff up my top to take home. 

I’ve tried to capture some of my favourite bits of their pad and will share little details on the pictures as I go on. 

Above:  Framed pic of Lurgan courtesy of my hubs’ former photog days…

Above:  There’s nothing to stop a modern fireplace being quirked up with some vintage finds.  My own mantle looks similar, much to my mothers annoyance as apparently ‘it’s a real pain to clean’…err…clean?

Above:  China cabinet filled with little spanish dolls.  ‘Nuff said.

Above:  How CUTE are these little lampshades hanging on the curtain rail!?!

Above:  Well hello there floating book bookshelf – you are a delight!

Above:  To me, the kitchen/diner is the crowning glory of this home.  Such detail & effortless cozy style.  Jill’s brother & hubby made the shelving & her chairs are all mismatched & re-covered in vintage fabric.

Above:  How badly do you want to grab a cuppa, a book and curl up in that chair?

Above:  Jars jars jars for all things.  My fav.

Above:  This is a bittersweet picture for me.  When we up and left for London we sold literally EVERYTHING in our house.  Jill bought these bedside tables from us – aren’t they a dream?  Sadly they don’t fit up my top.

Above:  Just a scarf draped over the window as a curtain…genius!

Above:  Lyrics to Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Wedding Song’ typed out and on display on the typewriter.  Beautiful touch.

Above:  This is Jill’s crafty room – chocked full of all kinds of pretty stuff.  Most of it tucked away in this dresser (also bought from us in our London purge! Cry!)

Above:  Upcycled crate turned upside down with some old table legs screwed in and painted with matching wooden chairs. 

Above:  And here is the lovely Jill & Harry – he’s a bit mental in a lovely, bounding up and licking Levi’s face kinda way. 

I hope you’ve found inspiration from Jill’s pad – I know I do.  It just goes to show you how a little bit of creative effort can transform a thoroughly modern pad into a wonderland of quirk, joy and comfort.


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