Ethical Fashion Confessions

Well pull the curtain over, cause I need to make a confession.

If we are twitter/instagram buds you’ll remember me coveting a pair of spotty jeans from *ahem* Primark about 4 or 5 months ago.  I thought about them for a few weeks, decided I couldn’t live without them, justified them by putting every unaccounted for SHRED of paper in my home in the recycling and loading up a bunch of bags for the charity shop in an attempt to offset my looming ethical blunder. I finally succumbed, ambushed a Primark at about 11am one morning (to avoid the primetime of crazy cheap clothes frenzied buyers) and swooped out, opting for ‘no bag thanks’ at the till, like I was making some sort of ethical stand to do with bags, but really it was because I didn’t want to carry around a Primark bag.  Oh the lengths we do go to at times.

The joke was always going to be on me, and as it happens – said jeans have since stretched out to the max and are super baggy round the knees. UGH.  I plan on cutting them into jean shorts for our trip to Canada next month (where seasons still happen – I’M LOOKING AT YOU UK WEATHER), so at least they will still get used, but I do regret buying them.  There’s no skirting around it – besides being the pinnacle of bad fashion ethics, Primark quality is total tat.

I was feeling pretty guilty about my impulse buy and was really missing wearing my polka dot jeans and then, as if by some miraculous fashion grace, I found these in the Monsoon sale!


Being a high street shop, it still has a long way to go in being ethical but it at least demonstrates some progress towards environmental and social sustainability, making it one of the best of a bad bunch. (see a list of the most ethical high street shops ethical consumer

Not only do they fit like a dream (no stretch!) but they were cheaper than the original tat.




I’ve learned my lesson.  No more fast-fashion tat. 


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