Education Reimagined

I think about Levi’s future a lot.  I think about him going off to school.  I wonder what kind of student he’s going to be, what subjects he will excel in and who his favourite teachers will be. I wonder if he’ll be as cheeky as I was (probably).  School was such a mix of unbelievably amazing and awkwardly excruciating for me. 

I played rookie a lot.  A LOT.  I had to have a maths tutor, my friendship groups changed every year and my favourite classes were the ones where we got to discuss things and argue and debate.  I got chucked out of class a few times for trying to be funny when funny was not on the agenda and I led many a friend astray with my schemes and plans.  I didn’t really work too hard, trying to get away with as little effort as possible in the subjects I didn’t find interesting or engaging.

As an adult, having worked in so many schools and seen so many young people fall into the cracks of the education systems because they simply ‘don’t fit’, watching countless young people be sedated by drugs in order to help them ‘focus’ and conform, I worry for my wee man.

I really don’t want him to grow up in a world where when he is at home, he is so encouraged to be stimulated and creative but when at school he can’t express himself fully unless it meets cirriculum and criteria.  Hear me out, I am really thankful for having free education and a path (albeit stifled) to opportunities in our country – many people are living in realities much different – so desperate to learn and be taught.  I’m not even sure taking your child out of mainstream education and homeschooling is the answer – studies show how important group work is to learning, creativity, development and self worth – I’m sure homeschoolers do group stuff too (any homeschoolers out there want to shed some light?!).

I came across this awesome and captivating video above that explains much of my worry…would you take a few minutes to watch it?  It is so brilliantly executed and holds some really profound thoughts on the future of education and the massive need for a shift in how we do things. 

Is this something most parents think about?  Do you?  Should we be concerned with our school systems way of preparing our children for learning in the real world?


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