Character Check!

I’ve just spent a good cringe-worthy hour reading back over an old blog I had a few years ago. It’s kinda fun to look back at the things that were important to you in those days and see where focuses have shifted and realigned etc.

One post I came across listed a few questions I had been challenged by at the time and I was again challenged tonight by reading through them (as my girl Brooke Fraser sings ‘who is he that can conquer himself?’…clearly not me as I am still struggling with most of these questions nearly 6 years later!).

Anyway, I thought I’d repost it here for some chewing over:

* Does injustice actually bother you to the guts of your stomach, or do you just think its kind of trendy and looks good to get on board?

* Have you embraced a culture that is totally different from your own?

* Do you forgive freely? Really freely, without bitching about it in your inner monologue or to your nearest and dearest?

* Have you lavished resources on hospitality and fun recently? How did you feel?

* Is there ‘dirt’ under your fingernails? Have you done something that required ‘work’ for others?

* Have you given something precious away – freely and without regret?

* Do you do good deeds so other people will see or hear and think you are great because of it?

* Do you protect the reputation of colleagues when they are criticized?

* Do you value service over status? People over posessions?

* Are you jealous of other peoples talents, successes, wisdom or discipline?


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