Second Hand Style

I’ve just finished working in a school.  They are funny little places, full of so many amazing young people with so much potential and life.

One day a couple of weeks ago, the discussion in the classroom got heated as one of the 15 year old girls in the class declared that once she gets her license, she would NEVER own a second hand car.  Admittedly, she probably will never have to buy her own car – I gathered she was from a somewhat wealthy family.

Throughout the discussion I sat back and listened – most of the them discussing what they would and wouldn’t buy second hand (cars, yes – clothes, definitely not).  It just so happened that that day I was wearing pretty much everything second hand. 

I have had lots of good chat with the girls in the class about fashion and style etc so I eased my way into the conversation and it went a little something like this:

Me:  Girls, what do you think of my jumper? (awesome mint green and white striped knit – £3 from British Red Cross)

Girls:  (resounding chorus of) I love it Miss/Looks great/I was just saying to her this morning that I really liked your jumper…

Me:  It’s second hand


Me:  Girls, what do you think of my handbag? (mini navy suitcase – vintage find in Brick Lane, £10)

Girls:  Totally love it/Where’s it from Miss?/It’s brill

Me:  Second hand.


Me:  What do you think of my boots then, girls?

Girls:  No way/That’s gross/Shut up

Me:  Four quid, brand new, second hand charity shop.

They then started to back-track a little and I ended up sharing all my top tips for charity shopping and where they could get the best stuff… It’s a funny old world being a teenager eh?

Anyway – that little story leads me to the point of this post.  Here lies my entry to the wonderful Style Eye’s Ethical Fashion Bloggers Competition.  Ceri, the wisdom behind the content of this blog has her pulse on all things ethical and fashiony and it’s well worth a good visit through her archives if you are interested in more conscientious fashion. 

I loved this comp the first and second time round, but didn’t get a chance to put up my post so here’s my effort this time round:


Oh how rubbish I am at taking selfies. 




Top:  Pink cotton tee from Hope Charity Shop £1

Skirt:  Floral Midi-length vintage from Drop Inn Charity Shop £2.50

Boots:  Black ankle lace ups from British Red Cross £4

Total main outfit cost:  £7.50 

In your face high street.


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