Lazy Summer Salads

It sure is balmy out huh? (you can now add balmy to the list of words you shouldn’t use in my company…along with moist, penetrate and anything ending in ‘sh’)

Northern Ireland is such a lush country – we have rain, pretty much every day – but it keeps things green, keeps the farmers in biz-nass and brings us down to earth, keeping us on our fashion toes.

We had a little dry spell this avo and it was so humid that we decided to bust out the BBQ and grill up some steaks.  I love BBQ’ing in the summer because it usually means eating nibbly things on the side – salads, dips etc.  When I come home from work I don’t want to spend ages cooking, and when it’s hot I’m not keen to get the steamer on for veggies.

So today I want to share with you my two favourite go-to salads that I regularly have on the side of a slab of meat on the days where I can’t be arsed to cook but need to get good stuff into my body. 

This one is an adaptation of a Jamie Oliver 20 min meal app recipe I tried once.  I seem to have mastered the knack of simplifying fancy recipes down to as little fuss as I can get away with without ruining the vibe of the dish.  Most of the time.  Except for that time that I tried to make pizza dough without yeast and it was like eating a wooden chair.

What you need:

Green Lentils (any lentils will do – the quicker you can cook them the better)


Cherry Tomatoes


Olive Oil

Salt (I use sea salt, but only cause it makes me feel posh)

Boil up the lentils, fry the haloumi, chop the mint and toms – throw it all in a bowl with the oil and salt and chow down.


This salad is SO easy and comes from my friend Estelle (who is pretty much solely responsible for my entire ability to cook).  I’m pretty sure she learned this one whilst living in Italy because it’s so fresh and tasty and feels Italian to me.  Let’s say it’s Italian, ok?

What you need:

As many carrots as you like

A couple of garlic cloves

Lemon juice (squeezy lemon is fine)

Olive oil

Salt (again – the sea salt makes you feel posh)

Grate the carrots, drizzle in some oil, crush the garlic in, squeeze some lemon through and salt to taste.

And the best bit is when you make too much and you put it in the fridge overnight and then have it for lunch the next day.  All the flavours collide and it’s even better than the day before.

Happy lazy summer salad-ing!


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